Holy Land

What DOTD fan doesn't dream of one day making the sacred pilgrimage to the Monroeville Mall? Ah! But for those of you who have -- what next? Where does one go to bask in the knowledge that the ground they are passing over once served as location for DOTD? Where are those other elusive Holy locations of the most hallowed of all zombie films? The above two shots are pictures of places whose location remains a mystery to me. Anyone out there able to clue me in as to where they are? The debt would be great.

* ALERT * It comes with great joy to write that the peerless Chris Stavrakis has uncovered the location of the airport seen on the above right. Alas, Chris' site is off-line, but for further net exploration of this remarkable find, go to Dawn of the Dead 2001 for exclusive photos and a truly eye-opening look at this exciting DOTD location.