Apartment Complex 107
(A.K.A. How come we stick these low-life bast...)

The Clay Man
The Clay Man was one of the stranger tenants of Apartment 107. Not only did he not get out much, he seemingly didn't do much of anything. He was known to just would hang around his joint, listening to tunes and 'dealing' with folks who would show up at his pad at all hours of the day and night. While personable, his unwillingness to leave his house resulted in the developing of a rather unique skin complexion, thus the nickname "Clay Man" that the kids in 107 dumped on him. He also had some of the worst art taste, and populated the walls of his room with pieces just a baby step up from velvet horses.

The Lost Redneck
A hit and run victim suffering from a bad scrape on the head and a severed foot, the Lost Redneck stumbled into the area surrounding Apartment Complex 107. Befriended by Martinez and his family, he was taken to 107 where they tried to heal his wounds. Unfortunately, they were more serious than thought. He died, was resurrected, and subsequently infected those around him.
The Lost Redneck's Chick
As if to prove that it takes all kinds, while her neighbors were reveling in the then modern sounds and styles of P-Funk, The Lost Redneck's Chick was praying for the day when some beer bellied honky would whisk her down to the land 'o' Dixie. When The Lost Redneck turned up on her doorstep, she joyfully put on her secret red flannel shirt and proclaimed her undying love for him. Unfortunately for her, he responded by biting and infecting her with the zombie plague.

Together with wife Miguellita, the two formed a co-dependent union more pathetic even than Ike and Tina Turner. When not slapping her around, Miguel was chasing the girls of 107, desperately trying to impress then with his suave moustache. Ironically, it was one of those very girls that infected him. Loyal to the end, despite Miguellita knowing the truth about her husband, she still sought his affection. Too bad, 'cause all she got from him was an infection of the zombie variety.

The Landlord
Owner of 107, The Landlord gave new definition to the notion of cheapskate, though in his eyes he was entirely fair to his tenants. During winters hours he allowed heat to come on twice a day, and then for only 27 minutes at a shot -- he felt it helped bring people together as they’d have to huddle for warmth. Building maintenance was handled by an old drunk, which, in his mind, demonstrated his compassion by giving work to the troubled. The Landlord was infected during an inspection of 107 while trying to determine whether to up the tenant ratio from 6 per room to 10.

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