The Airport

Flat Top
Using the top of his head from which to serve drinks and dishes, Flat Top was one of the most in demand waiters in the Harrisburg area. He served his restaurant well until a zombie customer partook in him rather than the served meal. This legendary top finally saw its day when it was loped off by the blades of the WGON traffic helicopter.

Airport Zombie 2
Slow moving and quiet, this zombie nearly managed to creep up on Stephen and Fran while the two explored the insides of an old plane hanger. After delivering a blow to the flesh eater's mid-rib, Stephen employed him as target practice. He was finally laid to peace by the shooting expertise of SWAT officer Roger DeMarco.
Poster Zombie
A former good ol' boy, and all around beer guzzling red-neck, the Poster Zombie, having gotten lost from his buddies during a zombie roundup, was bitten, quickly infected, and died. He rose again only to find himself as the classic zombie of all time. Like the previous zombie, Airport Zombie 2, he was eliminated by the gun skill of Roger DeMarco, but only after several failed attempts by Stephen Andrews. Oddly, this zombie was destroyed without any visible bullet hole through the head.

Zombie Tots
Just when you think it safe to aim at where a zombie's head is supposed to be out pop a couple of brats under four feet in height! Peter, you can always try to calm them with some of the candy in that old silver vending machine!

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