The Glamour Girl
A highly sought after model in the city of Pittsburgh, The Glamour Girl became infected on a visit to her parent's suburban home at the outbreak of the zombie plague. At the time of her death, as she lay dying from various bite wounds, she vainly cursed the maker, for she had been attacked while wearing casual, in-house clothes. This left her in the indignant position of having to walk the earth as a member of the living dead donned in utterly unfashionable attire.

Three Hole
Spending his life on the interstate towing cars and fixing flats, Three Hole made a living charging tourist passerby up to three times the amount such a service would normally cost. As a zombie he was quick to employ the use of a tire iron, as that was his preferred tool of intimidation in his former life when a customer was hesitant to pay. This bully was put away by a triple shot to the brain by Roger DeMarco.

The Sailor (Taso Stavrakis)
Separated from his shipmates, The Sailor, with his lucky blue pullover cap, found himself in Monroeville at the outbreak of the zombie infection. Unused to life on land he was an easy prey for the growing hordes of zombies and was quickly infected. A more energetic zombie, he was swift to attack passing living who thought they could pick up a few needed supplies at the mall.

Chestburst (Taso Stavrakis)
Thinking he could take a few bites out of SWAT officer Roger DeMarco, Chestburst was set to attack. But his style was too slow and too deliberate, giving Roger the time needed to get out of his grip (aided with a little help from the gun of Francine Parker). He was finally laid away by a shot that ruptured his entire chest and stomach area. Why this should have felled him is yet another point of interest to zombie behaviorists. This zombie also bore a striking resemblance to The Sailor, leading some to conclude that zombies tend to grow similar in appearance as time goes by.

Parking Lot Zombie
One of the most despised living dead in all of zombie history. This zombie, a ruthless, greedy flesh-eater, bit Roger DeMarco not once, but twice! It has long been debated whether Roger may have been able to survive the initial wound suffered from this zombie. However, this is just wishful speculation on the part of zombiologists as the zombie did indeed lay the trooper to rest. Justice was called upon by a brain shot from the rifle of Francine Parker, sending the zombie to his final place of resting.

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