The Mall pt. 2

Nurse (Sharon Ceccatti)
Dedicated to easing the pain of humanity, the Nurse worked tirelessly at a local Monroeville hospital since even before the state of emergency ensued. Her compassion for those in pain was great, and when she was ultimately bitten by a zombie patient in the emergency ward she couldn't bring herself to eradicate the creature. Instead, she wandered out of the hospital and, upon transforming, staggered to the grounds of the Monroeville Mall where she remains to this day.

The Machete Zombie
As in his former life, The Machete Zombie found himself taken advantage of. Bullied all through school and even at his job at a local Jack in the Box, co-workers advanced by using him to make themselves look good. As Blades' blade fell, Machete opened his mouth, preparing to utter the first words ever by a living dead ("Oh, no. Here we go again."). But the sword proved quick, and the world would have to wait for another certain zombie held captive in a certain underground lab by a certainly warped scientist for the first vocalization by a certain member of the living dead society.
The Bandana Girl
Alienated in school because of the affinity she felt for 50s' beat writers such as Kerouac, Ginsberg and Cassady, The Bandana Girl, was often the butt of cruel jokes by the then 'in' crowd. It wasn't until after she became a member of the living dead that her social problems were cured and she was finally accepted as an equal by her zombie peers.

New Wave
Riding the wave of the latest music trends, New Wave was hip to all the then latest bands: Devo, Elvis Costello, the Jam, The B-52's, with his favorite being, Adam and the Ants. Even with the zombies covering the nation, he couldn't stop his club hopping ways and, in the darkness of a disco, he mistook a zombie for a female club member in search of a 'good time'.

The Pitcher
Leading his gas station to the baseball championship in the town of Pitcarn, The Pitcher unsuccessfully defended his team during practice when they were attacked by a horde of zombies. Tossing ball after ball at the encroaching zombies he managed to keep some at bay, even killing a few with his patent fast ball. But the zombies, as usual, conquered through sheer numbers and The Pitcher was added to the ranks.

Not much is known about this zombie or the cause of his characteristic behavior of searching for living flesh with arms held rigidly before him. Speculation tends to be centered around the notion that if more were understood of his living life the mystery of this unusual posture could be unraveled. In more radical scientific circles it has been hypothesized that he was once a champion diver.

The Rifle Zombie
This odd zombie displayed one of the most fanatical attachments to his former life ever seen by zombie behaviorists. It has been speculated that he not only favored gun ownership, but that he believed that the road to freedom lay in heavily arming each and every citizen over the age of ten with some sort of metal projectile, compressed gas killing device. The Rifle Zombie died an undignified death at the hands of his own gun with an accidental shot in the foot. He soon bled to death. Now, he wanders the Earth in the hope that someone will do him with a brain shot, thus giving him the honorable bullet death that any gun advocate could wish.

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