Farewell Mall

The Mad Bomber
Living alone in the Pennsylvania wilderness, The Mad Bomber perceived himself as a modern day Thoreau. Unfortunately, his temper was tainted by too many mind warping horror and action films that helped convince him that the only way to social change was through terrorist activities. One night, hoping to do damage to the great consumer cathedral, he brought a homemade bomb that he planned to plant in the mall. His scheme was thwarted by an unthinking zombie that infected him. The Mad Bomber continued roaming the mall, reveling in its unabashed capitalistic demeanor.

The Evil Movie Producer
Once loved by those that knew him and admired by those that didn't, The Evil Movie Producer helped create some of the finer genre films. But, once infected, his rage carried him over the edge. Like a typical zombie, he attacked the very hand that fed him. To this day, he is in search of new victims, not stopping until every perceived injustice is devoured by his greedy jaws.

Sugar Daddy
Suffering from a terminal case of 'mall hair', Sugar Daddy was the queen of the Monroeville Mall. She could be seen there every Saturday and Sunday afternoon staking out her turf with her clan in much the same way as animals in the wild do their own territories. Sugar Daddy (a nickname derived from her love of the candy) was infected when she dropped her guard after being approached by the zombified captain of the local high-school football team. Though a zombie, she still thought he was a hunk and, well, one thing led to another. She was infected and roams the mall to this day.

The Professor
An intellectual and teacher of philosophy at a local community college, The Professor spent his free time in coffeehouses reading Rimbaud poems and arguing over the ideas of Russell and Wittgenstein with fellow freethinkers. He was finally infected by a zombied co-ed who he mistook had come after school to see him about a 'grade adjustment'.

The Army Dude
Always dreaming of joining the armed forces, The Army Dude was constantly rejected due to a weight problem. He took to wearing military fatigues whenever he could and with the extra money he made working at his local comic book store had begun making his own home defense system. Hobbies included laser tag and attending Rat Patrol cast reunion conventions.

The Fly
Dreaming of making it as an actor in Black Exploitation films, The Fly (as he liked to be referred to, as was his hero in the film Car Wash), continued to grow his afro out in a way that would have made Pam Greer envious. He was eventually bitten at an audition for the never made third installment of Blacula, where he thought that an attacking zombie was an extra getting just a little too carried away.

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