In 1997, when Japanese video gamemaker Capcom Inc. sought the services of George Romero to direct the commercial for their highly anticipated release of Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2 in the United States), being a well know Romero expert in Japan, I was asked to accompany the people from Capcom to the location shooting in Hollywood, California. Over the course of the production I was able to speak with George often and spent a leisurely amount of time before the final day of shooting running through some questions. Mostly, this material was used for Japanese publications, but not in its entirety. What follows is the complete interview. I present it here because I feel that there are English speakers who would like to hear what George has been up to for the past few years. Also, to read what he has to say on a few topics that no one has touched on with him before in print. For easier reading, I've broken the interview into three sections.

The first relates to the production of Biohazard 2 that I had to ask because I needed the material for my articles. The next -- the good stuff -- covers a wide range of topics from his career. The last are questions not asked by myself but were ones posed at the press conference given for members of the Japanese press on 1997 October 3 at the Four Season's Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Interestingly enough, one on one, George is much more down to Earth and less deliberate in his answers than he is in front of the press. He is very easy to connect with and very much a pleasant person to talk to. These interviews are intended only for readers of The Zombie Farm and may not be reproduced in anyway without permission from myself.

Part One: Biohazard 2

Part Two: Interview

Part Three: Press Conference