George A. Romero
Interview by Brian Ridgway

The good news for those of us who have difficulty comprehending the fact that there hasn't been a new George Romero film in over seven years is that his latest, Bruiser, is completed. Unfortunately, with no date set for a theatrical run, the film sits in release limbo.

In an interview with The Zombie Farm's Brian Ridgway earlier this month, George Romero was frank about the situation surrounding his latest film project. "I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from people who are seeing it," says Romero. "I don't know how it's getting out there, unless these people are going to trade screenings. Also, the company that financed it has been in the midst of a monster merger, so I don't know what's going to happen with Bruiser's release. I think they don't want to make any decisions with their product at this point."

Despite uncertainty over its release, Romero remains optimistic. "I know it will find an audience. I like Bruiser a lot and know people out there will appreciate what I have done."

In other Romero-related product news, an official Romero website is presently in the works and should be up soon. "We're waiting to get everything lined up," says the director. "We're printing up some items to sell--hats, shirts, etc.--while we figure out what we want to do with it. It's mostly going to be a chat room, but we'll have some memorabilia, some news, and some of my fiction. Stuff like that." The Zombie Farm will keep you posted on the launch date and official address.

Christine Romero reports that audio commentary tracks have been recorded for the upcoming Anchor Bay DVD releases of Martin and Knightriders.

Featured on these tracks will be George, Christine, Tom Savini and John Amplas. "Anchor Bay has been a great company," says Christine. "They have done an incredible job with everything they've put out."

Of the recording sessions, Christine describes them as "fun! Everybody throws their comments in. You reminisce, and remember things you don't ordinarily think of. I particularly remember that with Martin and Knightriders we said 'wow, these are really good movies!' They are such interesting movies. I hadn't seen either of them in a long time. I think they hold up very well."

Commenting on what it was like to comment on his earlier films for the discs' sub-channel audio tracks, George says, "It was nostalgic and fun to do, and Tom is always energetic. I have a strong attachment to these films. I thought Martin held up very well. Knightriders was just such an emotional thing for all of us. We were all crying when Ed Harris crowns Tom. It was a riot. It has such an emotional dynamic, one that was impossible to get away from."

On the making of Knightriders, Romero notes that it "was a great time. I wish all filmmaking could be like that."

Also, scheduled for summer release through Anchor Bay is a new Dawn of the Dead disc package. Fans can place their advance orders for the DVDs through the Amazon and Anchor Bay websites.

As for another Dead film, Romero let's out a small but tantalizing hint. "I'm idly working on a script for another Dead (project), but we'll see."