In the six years I've been maintaining The Zombie Farm a lot of sites have come and gone. There were some great ones, such as Chris Stavrakis' first-on-the-web site, and not such great ones (that will remain nameless). Then there was the plain ludicrous '' that never went beyond a splash page and an empty promise.

Fear not, there are many pages out there either dedicated solely to Dawn of the Dead, or ones with areas detailing the film. I'm trying to list all, but I'm sure some have gotten lost in the shuffle (i.e. my half asleep brain). I get a lot of requests to endorse sites outside of the DOTD realm. Sorry, but policy is that if it doesn't pertain to Dawn of the Dead then I won't run a link.

Without further adieu, here are some DOTD web related links:

Dawn of the Dead - The Ultimate Reference Page
Over the long years, the creator of this site helped The Zombie Farm to attain its present greatness. Now, the prodigal son has returned with his own site dedicated to DOTD. Did he do good? Check it out. You will assuredly NOT be disappointed.

Homepage of the Dead
HPOTD has been around forever, or close to it. A handsome page that features not only DOTD, but DAY and NIGHT to boot. Lots of fan zombie fiction and, my favorite, a bulletin board where the living dead series is discussed on a daily basis by some true zombie devotes. Got a question or just some idea you want to toss at other like-minded fans? Check this page out!

Dawn of the Dead 2001
Just what I like: A web site devoted to nothing but DOTD. Doesn't get better than that, right? Created by a fan understandably smitten by the Romero mall fable (hey, I was too!). This site is an honest attempt to disseminate his passion for things DOTD. Nice design and some unique touches makes this a cool journey into the middle section of Romero's zombie trilogy. Highly recommended.

II Fantastico Home Page Di Goblin
Say... what about that completely cool music in DOTD that I can't seem to shake from the very marrow of my bones? If you feel the same as I about Goblin then skip on over to this site. There is so much information here about the band that I think the members themselves would be a bit hard pressed to do a better job. While not updated in YEARS (even I update more frequently, and I'm fairly lame) this remains the definitive site for things Goblin.

While on the topic of that utterly kick ass music from DOTD, here's a site by Goblin member Claudio Simonetti. Not much in the way of DOTD stuff, but, hey, this is the guy who did the music to DOTD! 'nuff said.

WGON: Zombie Watch
Another DOTD enthusiast's page. Man, these guys are cramping my style! No, really, we need more pages that express personal fondness for a film that strikes deep into the heart of those who 'get it'. This site has some cool shots from various conventions including a nice trip around the mall with the cast of DOTD. Wish I'd been there.

House of Horrors
One of the largest horror sites on the web. Highlighting many gems of the genre there is, of course, a decent DOTD tribute section that includes photos and sound files. Also on hand are a few photos of George Romero at the 1998 Fangoria convention in New York.

The Official Tom Savini Home page
This is, as the title suggests, the official domain of Tom Savini. Lots of exclusive photos and a look into the workshop of our favorite effects artist / biker / actor. You can even tell the master Savini how cool he is as he supposedly turns up on his web site's chat sessions from time to time.

Tar Man's Basement
A simple, but well designed site that's perfect for late night surfing. Features brief synopsis on not only zombie classics, but zombie misses as well. This site also has some audio downloads.

Welcome to the Monroeville Mall
"What Shopping is All About!" Here's a good one: The official Monroeville Mall home page. Nothing inside that would clue you in on the fact that this mall was immortalized in DOTD, but we know, don't we. Check it out. Try though they might to modernize the mall, to me it will always come to symbolize the 1970s. And the decadence lives on...!

Dead Zombie
If you can figure out what this site is about, let me know. But, whatever it is, it's intense. Some pretty startling graphics and a neat, original way to check out some of the better zombie flicks. Weird and wonderfully wild. I like.

Day of the Dead
I know... this is not DOTD, but this site is run by one of the preeminent zombie collectors on the face of planet Earth and deserves to be given attention. True, to some DAY is a schlock film that fails to fulfill the legacy of the zombie trilogy, but go to this page and see why to others it is the one true successor to its predecessors.

Ich Bin Ein Zombie
Ok, that's not the name of this German site, I'm just joshing wit' cha. It was a phrase used in this country to advertise DOTD during its first released. (There were these cool shirts made utilizing this line.) Anyway, interesting site with a mix of German and English (mostly German) that covers the Romero trilogy. (Nice to see that he's also offering the set of DOTD icons I labored years in my basement to make!)
A cool page created by a somewhat obsessed DOTD fan. (Nothing wrong with that!) Not entirely finished, but he's been adding to it slowly. Like I'm in a position to complain? At the rate I'm going it will take me years until I get this site back to... Sorry, I'm talking about, right? Check it out.

Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Want an idea of what you're in for if you choose to let your fixation with DOTD drive you to live in the town of Monroeville? This site--the creation of the 'municipality of Monroeville'--resides on the web for "the residents of Monroeville, as well as anyone looking for information concerning Monroeville". They have a section on employment within the Monroeville Municipality (which humorlessly states, 'there are no positions available at this time'). And, hey, you can even order Monroeville clothing! Nice medieval logo they came up with for the town! And I bet they still burn witches on Candle Mass Eve.

25th Anniversary Monroeville Mall Tour
I totally feel bad for not joining my fellow DOTD mates at the 25th anniversary reunion in spring of 2003. The highlight of which was a walk through the Mall under the guidance of some of the film's principles. Well, thank the powers that be for the Internet, and here is a site that recaps with words and pictures what went down on that now legendary evening. For those who didn't make it, you may want to break out a fresh box of tissues to soak up all the tears you will be shedding in envy.

Below are links not necessarily about DOTD, but ones that go to pages relating to some of the people involved with the film, both cast and crew.

Richard Rubinstien Producer of DOTD answers the question: Is there life after Romero?

Tony Buba--This is Tony's page and covers much of the cool stuff he's involved with.

David Early--From WGON and beyond! David's page keeps us up to date on his whereabouts.

And if all the above isn't enough for you, here's some misc DOTD links:

Here's a link to a review of DOTD. It's a good review. Think I'm going to steer you towards some midwestern puritan grandmother group's slap bitch session on why DOTD is rotting the minds of the nation's youth?

One of my favorite sites on the web is 'The Onion', so you can imagine how I was doubly thrilled to find an interview with George Romero on their pages. Here's a link. Read it. When you're done, read the rest of the site. Brilliantly funny.