Our Gang

Peter Washington (Ken Foree)
Level-headed, no-nonsense SWAT officer, Peter Washington sought escape with fellow officer Roger DeMarco when it became clear that things were falling apart in the world around. His quick thinking and concise approach--not to mention his sheer size and strength--enabled him to keep the on-the-run band together. Peter left behind a couple of brothers, but it is not known if he was married or not.

Skills: carpentry, cooking, hunting rifles and performing abortions.
Roger DeMarco (Scott H. Reiniger)
Excitable yet loyal, Roger DeMarco was responsible for bringing the sundry group together. As with Peter, he was working as a SWAT officer when the zombie plague broke. Feeling he would do better with someone like Peter by his side, he invited the colossal trooper along for the trip up north with his pilot friend Stephen and the pilot's girlfriend Fran.

Skills: Hot-wiring trucks, catching bottles of Jack Daniel's and adept at methods of opening cans of Spam.
Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews (David Emge)
Traffic reporter for Philadelphia TV station, WGON, Stephen felt stuck between his loyalty to his pregnant girlfriend, Fran, and the 'boys club' of Peter and Roger. Stephen's main contribution to the group was his ability to fly the helicopter.

Skills: Aviation, photography, comparing the size of his "loaf" with Peter's and just being a plain and simple wuss.
Francine Parker (Gaylon Ross)
Twenty-three year old divorcee, WGON assistant station manager turned zombie killer, Francine Parker at first found dealing with the crisis a crisis in its own, but as time went on she found her place amongst the group and became a positive addition. At the outbreak of the zombie
plague she was involved with Stephen, and was carrying his baby.

Skills: Excessive make-up design, washing pots and pans, and shooting the jewelry off store mannequins.

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