On The Air...
(A.K.A. Is this mike working...?)

The Commentator (Howard K. Smith)

"What are you saying?"

Once simply the janitor at WGON, The Commentator moved up the ranks of personnel as those above him became infected and turned into zombies. Subsequently, he was grossly misinformed as to the crisis on hand, relying strictly on his own emotions and things overheard at local bars. Despite the new position, he was unable to keep his drinking problem a secret, and was often seen taking deep swigs from the bottle while on air.

Dr. Millard Rouch (Richard France)

"Dummies... Dummies... Dummies!"

One of the original members of the Even's City crisis team, Dr. Millard Rouch had become a top policy maker for government biological disasters at the O.E.C. While his ideas were scientifically sound, they lacked the human element necessary to make them viable. As a result, his actions only furthered the separation between government and public, thereby, although unintentional, causing the crisis to escalate.

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