Raiders of the Lost Mall
(A.K.A., Vaarrrooooommm!)

Blades (Tom Savini)
A hot-shot executive for a large trading firm in Pittsburgh, Blades found himself out of a job when the zombie crisis broke. Work driven and suddenly at a loss as to what to do, he joined local motorcycle gang The Pagans, who were looking to build an army with which to survive the crisis. The quick thinking that had made him a star at the firm served him well with the Pagans and Blades soon became one of their leaders. He finally met his maker after being shot off the second floor of the Monroeville Mall by Peter Washington.
Sledge (Taso Stavrakis)
A mail clerk for the same firm that Blades worked at, Sledge and Blades had a fortuitous meeting during a zombie attack at their former place of employment. Aiding each other during their escape they became fast friends and together joined the ranks of bike gang The Pagans. Sledge's life came to an end when, after taking a bullet, he was torn apart by a horde of hungry zombies. Mail clerks get no respect!
Once a popular clown for a traveling circus, Mousey, unsatisfied with the carny life, quit to join The Pagans. Instead of being revolted by the coming of the zombies, he found the life strangely appealing: scavenging around, blasting zombies down, and taking what he wanted. In many ways, it was his old carnival life all over but without the strain of performance. He suffered a minor wound when he was shot off his bike during the Monroeville Mall massacre. Getting up after taking a bullet, his fellow bikers were shocked to see that instead of shooting the zombies approaching from his rear he shot into the empty space before him. They decided he had lost his mind and left him to be torn apart.
The Leader
A high school gym teacher before the coming of the zombies, The Leader, due to much experience with putting down and abusing students, was a natural for the brawn life of a bike gang as his narcissistic, domineering style was mistaken for leadership qualities in the other bikers. His main priority, like back in the high school days, was only to cover his own butt and hang out with the chicks (those pompom girls now being the only thing missed about those old days).
Biker Chick
Biker chicks: Rude, crass and total ass-kickers! The Pagans had started with several female members yet they were the first to fall over the course of their many battles to exist. In the end, only one survived. And one look will tell why: She's one odious mama! (Or maybe not...)
The Bandito (Tony Buba)
Growing up on too many Western movies, The Bandito found himself at an early age identifying with the Frito Corn Chip character, the Frito Bandito. When his 'Munch-A-Bunch' eraser was stolen in the second grade--that was it! He began wearing the clothes of the character and even added a slight Mexican slur to his speech. After reaching adulthood, he lost job after job due to what was believed to be a politically incorrect attachment to an ethnic group. He finally found a home with the bikers, whose only concern was whether or not he could shoot straight.
Generic Biker One (Randy Kovitz)
Where would an army be without the expendable ones, those swarming masses of men and women of diminutive importance? The collected faceless members of teeming communities who, through wily schooling and the sly instilment of nationalistic fervor have come to put their life on the line for home, country, and / or ideal. Those brave souls that fearlessly and with little expenditure of gray matter enact orders given by those higher ups who hold at best only lofty, idealistic concern for their safety and welfare. To them, Generic Biker One serves as the supreme representation of centuries -- nay -- millenniums, of such common folk and their plight. Hats off to G.B. 1, I say!
Generic Biker Two
As with Generic Biker One, the same goes for his buddy, Generic Biker Two. Just want to add: Nice head pendant! Goes well with the 'stash and battle ax!

For those like Timmy, the coming of the zombie plague spelled the end of the pinnacle of American culture: The TV sitcom. No longer would September bring a rash of new and excruciatingly insightful TV shows to help Timmy get in touch with the world around him. No longer would he be able to find a new favorite cast of zany characters expressing what it means to laugh at the difficulties of the world while trying to make their way in it. After the zombie plague, Timmy was lost and his nights were spent worrying over how beloved characters like Joe and Brenda were coping with the zombie situation.

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