After bashing a female zombie in the head with his trusty sledge hammer, Sledge (Taso Stavrakis) lets Teepee Zombie have it with a blow to the mid-section. Teepee Zombie then falls back into the display, causing the fragile structure to topple over. As the teepee collapses, the supposedly fallen zombie, the leotard zombie, reacts by flinching. By the way, Teepee Zombie was a reporter for Playboy magazine who later gave Dawn of the Dead only a fair review. Taso, you should have hit him harder!

In this scene, we find good guys Peter and Roger attempting to hold off some approaching zombies as they try to shut the door to Penny's. If you watch carefully, Peter can be seen throwing the keys and his gun into the store. However, in the next shot -- a close-up of the door lock -- the keys he was seen tossing to the floor not a second earlier are right back in the lock and he's struggling with a zombie to get them out.

I can understand making the most of a bad situation, but Blades and his cronies are really pushing it here! Next time you watch the film, observe how Savini and friends just stand around with zombies beside them as if they are all old drinking buddies out picking up teenyboppers at the mall on a Sunday afternoon!

In the basement of the mall, where sure-shot Stephen wastes all his precious ammo trying to gun down Security Zombie, the camera floats around utilizing a kind of first person perspective. In one of the shots, you can see the hand of Security Zombie moving downward just past the corner of a pillar. Yet when the camera turns the bend, nothing is there! Spooky!

Say, what is this? I thought the only way to kill them is with a bullet to the noggin. So, can somebody please explain to me how it is that Miguel gets offed with a shot in the chest! Also, listen to the gun sound. It sounds like a machine gun burst, yet he's hit only once.