While hot-wiring a truck, Roger's cocky attitude almost leads to his being munched upon. During this suspenseful scene, the first zombie on him is Glamour Girl. Roger, to his credit, is quick to go for his rifle. Only, when he pulls at it, the darn thing becomes caught on the truck's fire extinguisher. In the shots of him struggling to unhook the weapon you can see the arm and hand of Glamour Girl gripping the butt of the rifle. However, in the next scene she's back outside the truck and sniffing at his feet. My, what long arms you have, Grandma!

A brain shot! That's what they keep telling us we have to do in order to eliminate a zombie. Still, here's one 'scoped' by Peter early on in the mall that goes against this long held belief. With a new shirt and ready to make a meal out of a biker, he's seen once again near the end of the biker raid. Hmm, by being killed twice does this make him a zombie-zombie? Would a dead zombie crave other zombies? So many zombie behavioral questions, so little time.

Whoa! This one's so good I don't even know where to begin! Several mistakes for the price of one! First, we have the incredible disappearing zombie on the left of the first frame. Where does he vanish to? Then we have a female zombie wearing an utterly gross blue shirt (what is with fashion in Pennsylvania?) who flips around quicker than a spinning top. And Stephen! He just pops into the picture. Actually, this mistake is made up of two shots. I feel that Romero planned to place another shot in between, which, if he had, may have lessened these "mistakes". Perhaps during editing he found he didn't have the shot to do this and so was forced to run these two shots in a row where the camera was spaced only a few feet apart.

Here's an odd one. Next time you watch the film check out the guy in the red circle, the one wearing the really lame red and black stripped shirt. While doing a fine job portraying a zombie, he appears to abruptly abandon the role in the middle of the shot. As Roger jumps off the truck he just set blocking a Mall door, he passes said zombie. After Roger zips past him, the zombie suddenly appears to find something more interesting in his pocket. Or perhaps he's simply going to tuck his shirt in. I guess no one told the guy that you keep performing until the director yells "CUT!".

For reasons that elude, a fake wall was built by the film's production crew just past the hall door leading to our hero's hideout. This wall covers a hallway leading to the outside of the mall. Perhaps it was put there to aid the story, as with it our heroes would have had no place to run except back up to the hideout or back into the Mall, thus injecting the story with a little more excitement. Is this a mistake? No, I guess not. I just thought it was a cool thing to point out. I mean, look at the wall. It severs one of the ceiling lights right in half!