This is a simple dubbing mistake. During a talk with Stephen on how to take control of the Mall, most of the time Peter's hand is conveniently covering his mouth. However, for a split second you can see that his lips do not match the dialogue.

That's quite a tumble Tom Savini takes from his bike courtesy of Machete Zombie! Man, you KNOW that's gotta hurt! Except...? No...? Wait...! What's that stuffed down the back of his pants? The Sunday edition of the New York Times? Hey! Tom! Be a bud and save me the Arts and Leisure section!

"Hit the gas tank!": A favorite among Dawn of the Dead fans: Disappearing Zombies! Now you see 'em, now you don't. It's my belief that George Romero felt concern for the safety of the zombie actors in this scene, leading him to make sure everyone was high and dry when the car blew. (It's too bad he couldn't at least had Savini toss a couple of those Raggedy Anne like dummies to try to make up for the fact that even first time viewers of Dawn of the Dead catch this one.)

Here's a good one sent in by astute Zombie Farm reader Gary Leeke. In the first shot, after Fran has taken hold of that high-tech Norelco Camera (no doubt delivered to the studio by a stop-motion Santa straddled atop), we see some bearded tech yelling about the studio while the good doctor attempts to rationalize the upcoming state of martial law. However, a few moments down the road, there he is running up to the doctor making behind his head what appears to be either a peace sign, or a set of horns. What's more, now he's wearing a sweater. But wait! It gets better! In the next shot after the horn job, he is safely behind Fran again sans the sweater. What goes here? Identical twins working at WGON? I think not.

Something found now and then in Dawn of the Dead: Crew Reflections. Spattered throughout the film one can find Romero's friendly mug grinning out at you, with faithful cameraman Mike Gornick crouched behind the camera lens at the director's side.