Collecting scraps of printed paper and molded plastic is fine and dandy, but for the serious collector nothing less than the real thing will do. For these people, film props are where it's at.

Dennis is one such collector. Managing to get hold of those one-of-a-kind items most only dream of owning, Dennis's movie prop collection boasts the inclusion of actual items seen in Dawn of the Dead. Dennis has been kind enough to send me some scans of these items that I display with the hope that others owning such items will come forward to help expand and perhaps lead to the creation of a "Dawn of the Dead on-line museum" within these pages.

By the way, Dennis has his own web site that features many items from various film productions. You can check out his page by clicking here:

A few years ago, Gary Zeller, who worked on Dawn of the Dead, was selling off some of the M-16s seen in the film. Here is a photo I received from one of Mr. Zeller's associates of Mr. Zeller with one of his remodeled rifles. Just the sort of thing to bring along on the next family picnic!