Resting in a kind of basin, the Monroeville Mall is surrounded on three sides by tall hills. Standing atop and looking down, one gets the feeling that the gargantuan mall has somehow sunk the land by its sheer weight. It is an impressive structure.

For those who have never been, the Monroeville Mall is an unforgettable local. Not because of the amount of stores under its roof, nor the vast amount of cubic feet it occupies, not even because of its astronomical construction cost. No, the reason is the close connection it shares with Dawn of the Dead. And visa versa. Just as the Mall owes a debt to Dawn of the Dead, so does Dawn of the Dead to the mall. Try, if you, can to untangle Dawn of the Dead from the Monroeville Mall. Can't? Didn't think so.

Between 1982 & 1987, I made three trips to the mall. During them, I took a couple of hundred pictures of this Dawn of the Dead landmark. A few of my outdoor shots can be found in the The Monroeville Mall section listed. Some of the indoor ones I've incorporated here in an attempt to give those who have not made the trip to the Mall of our choice a taste of what it's like to wander about the location. Not only that, but with some of these photos taken a scant five years following the production, much of the mall resembles how it did when shooting took place in the winter of 1977. In some cases I have taken scans directly from the movie. It should be obvious which are the ones I took and which are the ones lifted from Dawn of the Dead.

To navigate Virtual Mall, first select one of the two maps at the bottom of this page. A larger version of the selected level will appear. Looking the map over, you will see dots spotted about. Simply click a dot to see a picture that corresponds to the same location as in the Mall.

So... select a level, turn the lights low, crack open an Iron City Beer, and enjoy a stroll through...

The Monroeville Mall