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(updated at: Apr 16, 1998)

Spring has come again in Tokyo!
We enjoyed the cherry blossoms, and I've got many pics of the blossoms.

(Left, Date: Apr 5, 1998)

My friends and me went out to the Ueno-Kouen park; famous as the sights of a cherry blossoms-viewing.
Under the trees, we've had a party of "Ohanami" in the nights.

(Right, Date: Apr 4, 1998)

Passing for a week after in full bloom, the cherry blossoms were almost faded.
There were many petals on the ground, like buried under the snow.

(Left, Date: Apr 11, 1998)

* All Photos are taken by CASIO QV-700, QV-10, QV-100 and SONY DSC-F1 Digital Camera.


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