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(updated at: Apr 3, 1999)

Spring has come again in Tokyo!

This cherry tree at Nishi-Shinbashi is in the habit of blooming the earliest in Tokyo.
I can sense "the arrival of Spring" from the blossom.

(Left, Date: Mar 17, 1999)



The scenery of Sumida-kouen Park is famous for its cherry flowers.
The sidewalk runs parallel to a river, and many cherry trees are planted beside the way.

(Right, Date: Mar 28, 1999)

Many people enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms at night.
The Japanese lamps with a paper shade are setting under the trees, creates a splendid atmosphere!

(Left, Date: Apr 1, 1999)

* All Photos are taken by CASIO QV-7000SX, QV-700, QV-10, QV-100 and SONY DSC-F1 Digital Camera.


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