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(updated at: Aug 1, 1999)

The rainy season was over.   And it is awfully hot in Tokyo.
I don't like the heat at all, but better than chilly summer.

(Left, Date: Jun 8, 1999)


This photo is take by Casio QV-7000SX.
QV-7000SX has close-up mode with zoom lens,
so I can get the picture like this easily.

(Right, Date: May 30, 1999)

My daughter brought a Asagao home from her school.
During the summer holidays, she must care of the flower.
To see the flower, then I feel like coolness.

(Left, Date: Jul 10, 1999)


* All Photos are taken by CASIO QV-7000SX, QV-700, QV-10, QV-100 and SONY DSC-F1 Digital Camera.


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