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(updated at: Nov 16, 1999)

When I took a walk in Hibiya Park, I saw a beautiful gregariousness of Higan-bana; a Cluster-amaryllis in English.
Still more, a swallowtail perched on the flower, then I got a rare chance like this.

(Left, Date: Sep 4, 1999, taken by DSC-F505K)


The cold weather has set in, and ginkgoes put on their autumn colors; are yellow inclining to green yet.

(Right, Date: Nov 11, 1999, DSC-F505K)

The withered leaves lies thick on the ground, look like the golden-colored snow.

(Left, Date: Nov 11, 1999, DSC-F505K)

* All Photos are taken by SONY DSC-F1, DSC-F505K, CASIO QV-7000SX, QV-700, QV-10 and QV-100 Digital Camera.


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