Hinatasawa-toge「日向沢の峠」 MTB circuit (76km, 1680m climb, 6hr) 

Category: Road: 49km, Dirt: 25.25km, Hike trail: 1.75km

Route: Ome, Okutama, Nippara kaido, Hinatasawa-sen, Arima toge, Yuumoto rindo, Naguri onsen, Osawa tunnel, Nariki, Osogi kaido, Ome.




Point info
(Times are for a fast cyclist/trail runner)
Times include all stops.

Location km Altitude hr from start Note
Ome ststion 0 200m    
Okutama 20.4 336m 0hr50  
Hinatasawa rindo turn 24.6 437m 1hr10  
Dirt road start 29.9 1000m 2hr  
Odoridaira tunnel 32.9 1178m 2hr20 Start hike trail
Hinatasawa-toge 33.6 1356m 3hr  
Dirt road join 34.7 1145m 3hr40 End hike trail
Arima-toge 35.7 1150m 3hr45 End dirt road
Yuumoto rindo turn 41.2 980m 4hr Dirt road 2 start
Dirt road 2 end 62.5 385m 5hr15  
Naguri onsen 63 256m    
Kosawa-toge 66.2 364m 5hr30 Kosawa tunnel
Ome station 76 200m 6hr  

2008/11/23 (Sun)
Left home @ 9:30am
Back home @15:30

Odoridaira tunnel

Landslide just beyond tunnel - impassable even on foot

hike trail directly over Odoridaira tunnel

Just ascended this steep section of the hike trail

The top - Hinatasawa toge 1356m

Fuji visible from top

On the descent - stick left here towards Sobatsubu yama

Same as above from different angle

Need to turn off here following the sign for Arima yama as highlighted

The route is very steep in sections here

Just came down these steps