uv Higashi Agano circuit (48.66km, 850m climb, 2hr) from Ome

Good circuit. Most of the roads are quiet and it's very rare to meet anyone at all between Higashi Agano and Haraichiba section. Plenty of medium category climbs, and can take a break outside Higashi Agano station sitting on a bench - has drinks machine and clean toilets.

see Higashi Agano, Agano, Kosawa pass for an alternative longer route (57km, 1,400m climb, 2hr 34 : Ome, Ome-zaka, Fukiage tunnel, Nariki, Shimonaotake, Haraichiba, Higashi Agano, Agano upper, Tochiyagai, Yamanaka, Tochiyadani, Togiiri, Kosawa pass, Matsunoki tunnel, Enoki pass, Ikusabata, Ome) uploaded from Garmin 705 GPS.

Category: Road: 48.66km

Route: Ome, Osoki kaido, Hoko-ji, Touto Hanno CC, R70, R350, Higashi Agano, Back road behind Agano, Haraichiba, Hikagebayashi-doori, Osoki-kaido, Higashi Ome, Ome