uOHCv Mitsumine HC from Ome (157.5km, 3100m climb, 7hr)

For the HC section, the road is wide, the surface is very smooth all the way up and down, there are distance markers every 0.5km, there was almost no traffic on the HC ascent, and descent down to the dam and some awesome views along the route.

See Yamabushi, Mitsumine HC, Arima pass for GPS data.

Road: 157.5km, long climbs.

Route: Ome, Ome-zaka, Fukiage tunnel, Nariki kaido, Togiiri (Shimo-Naguri), Kami-Naguri, Yamabushi pass, Chichibu, Mitsumine-guchi, Ochigawa, Nishitani, Mitsumine, Otaki, Mitsumine-guchi, Urayama, Arima pass, Togiiri (Shimo-Naguri), Kosawa pass, Matsunoki tunnel, Enoki pass, Ikusabata, Ome



1st Mitsumine HC race (2009/4/26) uses part of this route. See http://www.saitama-cf.com/ for details.