u1v Kazahari circuit 1 (Kazahari rindo, Okutama) from Ome (82km, 1380m climb, 3hr25)

The climb up Kazahari rindo is a much quieter but steeper climb than straight up Hinohara kaido. It pases a mushroom farm near the 1000m altitude mark. Traffic cannot pass through this route but the surface is very good in general. See [link TBA] for an alternative descent down Hinohara kaido on Itsukaichi side to avoid Ome kaido which has some annoying speed ramps near Okutama-ko.

See Kazahari rindo circuit for GPS data (Garmin Edge 705) and map for this route.

Road: 82km, steep climb.

Route: Ome, Umegaya pass, Itsukaichi, Hinohara, Fujiwara, Kazahari rindo, Kazahari pass, Okutama-ko, Okutama, Ome

TBA. In meantime, you can view the map from the GPS link above.