u쓻v Imagawa pass from Ome (109km, 2075m climb, 4hr30)

This route is the circuit with Kobu tunnel.  An alternative shorter route would be out and back Ome kaido with a circuit from Okutama-ko including Kosuge and Tabayama.
You can take a shortcut back to Okutama by skipping the Imagawa pass using the direct route from Kosuge.
Another interesting longer alternative is to return via Kazahari pass from Okutama-ko and descend Hinohara kaido or Kazahari rindo from there to Hinohara and back the outward section from there.

See Kobu, Kosuge, Imagawa circuit for GPS data (Garmin Edge 705) and map for this route.

Road: 109km, many climbs.

Route: Ome, Umegaya pass, Itsukaichi, Kamigawanori, Kobu tunnel, Imaru, R18, Hadogawa, Tsuru pass, Kosuge, Imagawa pass, Tabayama, (Ome kaido) Okutama, Ome

TBA. In meantime, you can view the map from the GPS link above.