uPv Matsuhime pass from Ome (132.6km, 2145m climb, 5hr15)

For a longer circuit with similar amount of climbing, you can head to Uenohara by Jimba kaido instead of via Kobu tunnel. To avoid most of the ~10km along R20, you can use R30 which is similar distance but has more climbing/descending than R20.

There are public tiolets and rest area at the ~74km mark near the dam which is at ~ 650m (the top is 1250m)

See Matsuhime clockwise for GPS data (Garmin Edge 705) and map for this route.

Road: 132.6km, tough climb to Matsuhime pass but long downhill from there.

Route: Ome, Itsukaichi, Kobu tunnel, Uenohara, Matsuhime, Kosuge, Okutama, Ome

TBA. In meantime, you can view the map from the GPS link above.


Kosuge has a good convenience store, but you need to detour off the route for just a few metres to get to it - turn left at the T-junction and head towards Tabayama instead of right towards Okutama and there is a convenience store on the right and another alternative on the left up farther. If you don't shop here there's not much choice until Okutama or Kori 7/11.