uFv Daibosatsu from Ome (186km, 3677m climb, 7hr35)

It's 3hr15 to the start of the Daibosatsu climb. There is a good restaurant here (just up the hill off Ome kaido) where you can get good mori-soba for JPY 400 and onigiri (large and generous helping of salmon) for JPY 120 to take away. You also get a free pot of green tea with the meal. The circuit from this restaurant and back can also obviously be done on its own from Katsunuma/Enzan or include routes on the R20 side such as R139 up Matsuhime or Jimba kaido..

There is a 1km section on the descent from Daibosatsu where the road has a light layer of gravel for some reason even though the tarmac seems to be fine underneath - you can cycle it on road bike no problem but watch out for any large or sharp chippings. Apart from this the surface is excellent all the way.

The descent from Yanagisawa towards Enzan is awesome. You can build up good speed easily on the lower section with great surface and wide roads.

See Yanagisawa, Daibosatsu for GPS data (Garmin Edge 705) and map for this route.

Road: 186km, long gradual climbs.

Route: Ome, Okutama, Tabayama, Yanagisawa, Daibosatsu, Katsunuma, Fruits line, Yanagisawa, Tabayama, Okutama, Ome

TBA. In meantime, you can view the map from the GPS link above.