AMEN started in 1989 as a pop/rock studio project by Manfred Ehlert with the idea to incorporate extraordinary rock voices into his compositions. The first result of this project, released in 1994, was Manfred Ehlert's AMEN, featuring Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Gary Moore, etc) and Marc Storace (Krokus). This album hit the local charts and received rave international reviews.

Reactions from all over the world encouraged Manfred to continue his AMEN project. The new album is more guitar-based and concentrates (with one exception) on the vocals of Marc Storace, still one of the hottest rock voices around. The vocal arrangements turned out to become more refined due to the close team work with Marc. The result is Aguilar, a punchy and very impressing rock album with great melodies, songs and powerful arrangements known from AMEN's prior work. "The Voice of Rock", Glenn Hughes, again appears as a special guest in "Make my Day" version II. This song, with no doubt, belongs to one of the great rock ballads of all time...

AMEN's Aguilar is a high end top international production and will certainly cause again a buzz in the rock scene all over the planet. The songwriting proves to be outstanding and the two renowned lead voices make Aguilar (Spanish for eagle) an extraordinary project you can't affort to miss as a rock enthusiast.

AMEN is:
Marc Storace: vocals, lyrics
(1983 with Krokus' Headhunter album platinum and 1984 Krokus' The Blitz gold in USA on Arista)
Manfred Ehlert: music, instruments, production
(debut as singer/composer "Tomes Beluga", various projects, AMEN I with Marc Storace & Glenn Hughes)
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