Japanese/English WindowsNT Issues


    For Windows NT 4.0 to recognize the Japanese 106-keyboard layout:

    Caution: Japanese keyboard support does not always work under Windows NT 4.0.
    I am still trying to find a way that works 100%.

    Pat Willener -- Nov. 1999
    Latest news: Microsoft KB article Q241752 on Windows NT 4.0 SP6


  1. copy file KBDJPN.DLL from the Japanese \WINNT\System32 folder into the English \WINNT\System32 folder. It can also be downloaded from here: KBDJPN.DLL [11KB].
    (If you have difficulties downloading this file with Netscape, right-click on it, and Save Link As...)

  3. download file jkeybnt.reg [279B], then install its contents into the Registry (right-click / Merge).

  5. from Control Panel, select the Keyboard icon, tab Language. On the existing Language (US English) click Properties, then select the newly created Japanese keyboard layout. Apply.

      When using this keyboard definition, the following should be noted:
    • the Kanji input keys have no function under English Windows
    • the ¥ "yen" character in the Japanese 7-bit ASCII set is equivalent to the \ "backslash" in the original US ASCII set (0x5C). The ¥ key will therefore return a backslash under English Windows
    • the ~ "tilde" sign is located on the ^ "circumflex" key (shift-circumflex), instead of the ¯ "macron"
    • shift-zero does not return any character
    • the "Zenkaku/Hankaku" key on the left-top returns @ and ` respectively; ignore this key
    • the new 109-keyboard is supported as well

    If the above method does not work for you:
    try to rename KBDJPN.DLL to KBDUS.DLL, then replace the existing KBDUS.DLL
    I've heard that this method works every time!

    Pat Willener -- Jan. 2001



    Japanese IME98 on English Windows NT 4.0

  1. See article Q186113 in the Microsoft support database.


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