Tokyo Restaurant Reference

Over 350 Restaurants with an English* Menu in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

[i] Although I will keep the restaurants on this list up-to-date, I do no longer add any new restaurants here. Please send restaurants you'd like to have listed to Chefmoz, using the button below. (Tokyo, Japan, or in fact anywhere in the World).
[STAR] A star indicates my personal favorites.
[NEW] Means a new restaurant that has recently opened.
Japanese Restaurants very rarely offer an English or romanized menu. The major exceptions are the restaurants located in large international hotels, but they tend to be rather expensive, and also they close very early - usually at 21:00. So until I have collected more Japanese restaurants with an English menu (or you have learned to read a Japanese menu), please try the few that are already here, or go and enjoy Japanese food with Japanese friends or business associates.
Restaurant Names with accented characters are not handled well by all web browsers (especially when NJWIN is active). I have therefore appended the un-accented name in brackets where an accented character appears in the original name.
*Menu Language: the restaurants listed here offer a menu in a language other than only Japanese. Mostly the language is French, Italian, etc - according to the type of restaurant. I will however try to supply the menu language with each entry in the near future.

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