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Introducing M&P's Tea

"Everything stops for tea..."

For the last few years, M&P's Tea has been supplying fine handmade teas to discerning customers from all over the world. Almost all the teas come from single named estates, and we take care to select the finest available--you can see some of the stages of choosing a tea on our new gallery.

Our motto--everything stops for tea--summarises our philosophy. We believe that everyone should find some time amongst ever busier lives to relax with a pot of that most soothing of drinks.

We also believe that, by pricing our top quality leaf at a reasonable level, we can help our customers discover the true taste of fine teas, and that this will encourage them to return to M&P's. We keep overheads down by doing most of the work by hand and in-house, including design, packaging, and labelling.


"M" & "P" are owners Masanori and Paul, who founded the company in 1997. Paul looks after Indian and China tea tasting and buying, as well as design, and Masanori handles the Sri Lankan side. The head office is in central Nagoya, and the warehouse and distribution centre is in Moriyama Ward. In March 2000, the company became an (incorporated) limited company.

We know many of our customers via the WWW, but we also provide bespoke teas to a number of major hotel chains as well as having retail outlets across Japan. We host events, including our famous Tea Concerts and regular tasting sessions.

M&P's Tea hope you enjoy our teas, and we welcome questions and feedback. Happy drinking!

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