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Browse through our collection of fine teas below; click on the names for more details. Click "Add to basket" to buy a tea--when you have finished, click "Go to checkout" in the menu on the left. Please note that prices are in Japanese yen, but these will be converted to the currency of your choice at the checkout stage, and you will be able to confirm these before committing to an order.
Darjeeling Assam China Ceylon
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Darjeeling The champagne of teas, grown high in the Himalayas; light and fresh with a wonderful aroma and tons of flavour. A very special tea for the most special of occasions.


Castleton Estate 1st Flush FTGFOP1 (DJ2) Always the most prestigious and sought after estate, this extremely early first flush Castleton offers the closest to perfection we have yet found...
(100g/2,500 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Castleton Estate 2nd Flush FTGFOP1 (MUS) This tea has the famous muscat taste of the finest second flush Darjeelings..
(100g/2,500 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Pussimbing Estate 2nd Flush FTGFOP1 (Organic) Pussimbing is an organic fair trade estate producing a fruity and well balanced tea, great without milk, but fine with as well...
(100g/1,800 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Orange Valley Estate 2nd Flush FTGFOP1 (CH) Orange Valley is the new name for Bloomfield, and its legendary reputation lives on in this tea's wonderful aroma and heaps of peachy-apricot flavours... OUT OF STOCK

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Assam From the North-East of India, these teas are robust and powerful, with a fine malty, chocolaty flavour--perfect for a pick-me-up.


"Elephant Tea" Sankar Estate 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1 (Golden Tips) Assam Golden Tips produce a strong and refreshing brew ideal for breakfast time... OUT OF STOCK


Gabroo Purbat Estate 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1 (Golden Tips) This award winning estate has been managed by the same family for nearly 50 years. Dark & malty, it is reminiscent of bitter chocolate...
(100g/$1,500 yen + shipping) Add to Basket

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China The origin of tea, China still produces an enormous range of black, green, oolong, and white teas.

5801 Keemun Hao Ya "A" The rarest and best grade of Hao Ya, picked over a two-week season in early Spring, and consisting of mainly unopened leaf buds ...
(100g/2,000 yen + shipping) Add to Basket
5202 Keemun Hao Ya "B" An extremely rare find, Hao Ya is widely recognised to be China's finest black tea; the flavour is winey and complex with layers of orchid and rose--this is a "must try" tea ...
(100g/1,500 yen + shipping) Add to Basket
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Ceylon Grown on the island of Sri Lanka, Ceylon teas are rounded and mellow, and provide perfect all-day drinking teas every time.


Uva Adawatte Estate BOP Uva is known as one of the three best teas in the world, and ours comes from one of the top estates...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Dimbula Kenilworth Estate BOP Kenilworth is a well-known estate in the highest tea district in Sri Lanka, Dimbula, producing a well balanced tea ideal at any time of day...
(100g1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Dimbula Campion Estate BOP We have a limited amount of this wonderfully refreshing all-day tea, back by popular request...
(100g1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket
3205 Dimbula Pettiagalla Estate BOP Many have compared the naturally fruity taste of this tea to strawberry jam... try it for yourself!
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Nuwara Eliya Magastota Estate BOP This is a light exceptionally brisk tea, with plenty of natural astringency. Ideal with lemon or just as it is... OUT OF STOCK


Galle Bogoda Estate BOP From the south of the island of Sri Lanka, Galle is a slightly smoky tea ideal for after dinner...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to basket


Kandy Nayapana Estate BOP Kandy is known for its smooth and round, yet brisk flavour, typical of mid-grown Ceylons. Try this tea for breakfast with toast and marmalade...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to basket
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Original Blends Why not try one of our blends... each one is the product of many hours of careful blending to create a perfectly balanced tea that you can have confidence in...


Classic English Breakfast Tea Despite its name, this blend of Indian and Ceylon teas is mellow enough to be perfect at any time of day...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


4 O'Clock Blend for Afternoon Tea Our own blend specially created for a traditional English afternoon tea. Smooth with hints of exotic tastes, it accompanies cakes, scones, and sandwiches perfectly...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket


Special Blend for Iced Tea For those sweltering days of summer, follow the instructions on the label for a welcome thirst-quencher...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket
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Flavoured Teas Add some fruit or spice to your day with one of our luscious flavoured teas...


Earl Grey The most famous of flavoured teas, this tea is graced with Oil of Bergamot, a bitter citrus fruit from Calabria...
(100g/1,200 yen + shipping) Add to Basket
F001~ Fruit & Spice Teas We have one of the widest ranges of fruit and exotic spice teas, in handy refill packs. Find your favourite here...
(30g/from 500 yen + shipping)
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