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2004: Assam Gabroo Purbat Estate SFTGFOP1 (Second Flush) "Elephant Tea"

In 1823, British explorers were astonished and delighted to discover tea growing wild in Assam, North-East India. This variety, Camellia assamica, proved to be a close relative of the Chinese Camellia sinensis, but with larger leaves, and growing much taller. The tea-loving British soon cultivated this lush area, and Assam has since become the largest black-tea producer in the world, with its malty, chocolatey, full-bodied leaf.

Gabroo Purbat Estate is in Selenghat, Assam, and has been managed by the same family for nearly fifty years. Its 342 hectares produce a little over 725 tonnes tea annually, and it has received an award from the Indian Tea Board for quality tea production. Enjoy this special, second flush Golden Tipped tea for breakfast, or after lunch.

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