Saya Going To San Francisco
People of TG Bar

Of course, I had gone to a lot of TG Bars in San Francisco. Fortunately, I could see and make new T* friends in TG Bars.
I could be had good time by them friendly and kind heart.

Thanks a lot for, Pandi, Stephanie, Adrian, Tenya, Deanna, Charlene, and Leigh.

I had been a lot of TG Bars in San Francisco. TG Bars which I went are Trannyshack, Kimos, Marlena's, N-Touch, and Power Exchange. If you have interest these Bars, I list the address of Bars at below for you.

Interesting TG Bars were Trannyshack and Kimos for me. Trannyshack was an exciting space. Many people had clouded at Tuesday night in there. Drag show was interesting. Kimos also have drug show at every Friday nights. It was so fun. But The bartender's attitude was impressive rather than the drag show for me. He was most friendly person among other Bar's bartender.

People in Trannyshack
Of course, Other TG Bars were also fun. N-Touch's Asian Focus (Every Monday nights) was impressive. I did not think that I could see Gamran Dance.
( Classical dance of Bali island )
And Power Exchange!! I was very surprised it!! I had not seen such place in Japan. Power Exchange is not Bar. It seems like a Live Sex Museum!!

About Mother Lode, I could not go Mother Lode. When I went into there, They said show an ID to me. That time, I didn't have my passport. If I had a passport, They could not identify me. Because a photo of my passport is as man. :-)

I understood the difference between US TG scene and Japanese it. In Japan, the Bar with Drag Show is for men. We don't go there. Bars which we together are only drink without show. And It open everyday except Sunday. But US TG Bars are not only for T*s. The Bar schedule is changed everyday. Ex for Gay night, Karaoke night, and Drag night. I wonder why reason is, But It is interesting for me.

T*s in Marlena's and Trannyshack

The Bar List

Polk street at Pine
Friday nights has a Drag Show

N-Touch Polk street between California and Sacrament
Monday nights has an Asian Focus
Trannyshack Stud at 9th Street and Harrison
Drag Show on Tuesday midnight
Marlena's Octavia Street at Hayes
Friday Midnights has a Drag Show
Power Exchange Harrison Street between 5th and 6th
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday


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