In 1994 I started the Semi-Roar cassette label in order to release my own homemade 50holehead tapes. This led to lots of contacts with other home recording folk and before I knew it I was releasing stuff by others as well. So SR became an actual erecord labelf. Well, a teeny tiny, very under the radar label that is.  Between 1994 and 2003 I released 30 different ealbumsf by artists from all over the world, switching the release format to CDR at one point when that became affordable. This SR website first appeared around 1999.
The SR label has been on hiatus for the past couple of years and as I donft seem to have the passion/energy to really pursue it properly these days, Ifve decided to just return to using it as a vehicle for releasing my own home-brewed 50holehead recordings. So wefre back to square one I guess. With this return to personal endeavors Ifve redesigned this site with 50holehead recordings as the main focus. Ifve also added a page for my artwork, which visually is very similar to what Ifm doing with sound – yes thatfs what my music sounds like! Beware! All past SR releases can still be viewed in their proper order on the discography page.


Tim Whalen / 50holehead
Tokyo Japan, Jan. 2006