The Lorrha Missal

The Liturgy and Diverse Services from the Lorrha ("Stowe") Missal

used by
Churches of Ireland, Scotland, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and northern Italy

Translated and Rubricated by

Priest Kristopher Dowling, S.S.B.
Edited by Matushka Elisabeth Dowling
copyright Priest Kristopher Dowling, 1995
All Rights Reserved.

From Kristopher's Notes on the the Missal:

This Missal is a translation from the Latin and Gaelic Missal transcribed at Lorrha Monastery in the Ninth Century. The Lorrha Missal is also known as the 'Stowe' Missal due to its acquisition by one of the Dukes of Buckingham for his Stowe Library.

The form of the Liturgy and Services of Baptism and Unction found here reflect a true Celtic usage dating before 650 AD. Whether this is the usage brought by St. Patrick in the early Fifth Century, or a later revision is not certain, but this is a usage which was used during an era age in which Christianity was neither universal nor fully understood. Therefore, it explains in graphic detail the redemptive acts of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, His Birth, Death and Resurrection. The writer(s) assumes that those participating in the Mystery of the Eucharist must have every detail repeated clearly.

The Complete Missal 187K Text File

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