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It is said when the Celtic saints were troubled by evil or attacked by enemies, they drew a Caim around them.
Sometimes they actually made a circle around themselves by using a stick or their index finger.
This was no magic, but an expression of the reality of the Presence of God.

David Adam, The Cry of the Deer

What is a Webring?

A Webring is a group of World Wide Web sites that cover a related topic. Each member of the ring adds a special group of links to a page on their site that allows other people browsing the site to move on to the next site in the ring or see the index of all the sites in the ring.

This ring was founded in April 1997 as the result of a discussion on a Celtic Christian Mailing list.

Who can join?

Anyone who has a web site that covers either historical and modern interpretations of Celtic Christianity or a particular aspect of Celtic Christianity is eligible to join.

You must have an already established web site. If you are just thinking of creating one or are uncertain about how to add HTML code to your page then you are not ready to join yet. You don't need to understand how the linking code works to join the ring, but you must be able to add the code to your page and perform some simple changes on it.

General Christian sites or General Interest Celtic sites are not suitable candidates for this ring. Sites to be included should have at least one full page devoted to Celtic Christianity.

If I have any doubts as to the suitability of a site I will poll the other members of the ring for their opinions before making a decision to disallow a particular site.

Any sites that are continuously unavailable will be contacted and may be temporarily removed from the ring in order to retain the integrity of the ring.

How can I join?

Step 1: Fill in this form and submit it

Your page's URL:
Your page's title:
Your e-mail address:
A Password:

When you submit the form you will be assigned a number in the ring and be put on the queue of sites waiting to join. It is important to remember your site number and your password.

Step 2: Look at the source for this page and add the following code to the bottom of your page

Look at the source for the links below. Changes required in the HTML code are marked with underbars i.e ___

You must replace the mailto section with your email address and all the id=___ sections with id=your_number. There should be no ___ sections left after you have finished. Begin HTML fragment:

< back two < previous <
[ list all | next five | random ]
The Celtic Christian Webring
This Webring site owned by ___.
> next > ahead two >
[ about The Celtic Christian Webring | about webring ]

End HTML fragment.

Step 3: When you have added the HTML code to your page send an email to me at stuart@gol.com

I will then link you into the ring and you will be able to test the links on your page.

Problems? Questions?: e-mail the Celtic Christian Ring

Last Updated 7th April 1997
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