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If you have a question about Celtic Christianity please be aware that almost everything that I know is on these pages. If you need more general information about Celtic Christianity, please get some of the books on the The Celtic Christian Booklist. I am in Tokyo so if you are reading this from the US or the UK or practically any other English speaking country you are likely to have a better source of information locally than me. Please try your local library or bookshop before you ask me a general or historical question. Amazon Bookshop has a large selection of Celtic Books which you can order with directly from their website.

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     thanks for you page, I'm trying to locate some information about Saint Granola can you help?

Joe Bloggs from Tuscon, Arizona (jb@tucari.com) would like to know
where to get information on the obscure saint St. Granola who lived
in the 6th Century. He has tried looking in his local library's
"Bumper Book Of Saints" (ISBN XXX-YYY-ZZZ) with no success and would
appreciate your help.

Send a comment to me: <Stuart@gol.com>