The Mission to Seafarers formerly The Missions to Seamen

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Central Office Address

The Mission to Seafarers
St Michael Paternoster Royal
College Hill
Tel: 0171-248-5202
Fax: 0171-248-4761

Mission to Seafarers Seafarers' Centres around the world

Other pages with information about Mission to Seafarers Seafarers' Centres around the world:

The Seafarers' Centre, Brisbane.
Diocese of Toronto
St. Nicholas' Chapel - Vlissingen-Oost (Flushing-East),Zeeland

Email addresses of the port chaplains

A complete list can now be found at the official Mission to Seafarers page.


Yokohama Mission to Seafarers Email:
Homepage:Yokohama Mission to Seafarers


Fr Robert Warren Chaplain Mission to Seafarers Montreal, Quebec

What is The Mission to Seafarers?

The Mission to Seafarers is the Anglican Church working for practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all races and creeds in ports throughout the world. Through a network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers it:

  • provides a welcome and friendship in over 300 ports around the world helping seafarers in unfamiliar surroundings to overcome difficulties of language and culture.
  • helps and councils seafarers in need, in times of crisis or in cases of injustice and, by linking with parish clergy, extends support to their families.
  • works closely with other denominations showing seafarers that Christians are united in their concern for their well-being
  • supports Christians who have to live out their faith in isolation, and shares faith through word and sacrament.

Chaplain's Assistants Voluntary Service Scheme

Chaplain's Assistants are taken on under the Mission's voluntary service scheme, which provides work experience for young adults, aged between 21 and 26, looking for a year's voluntary work. They receive free board and lodging, pocket money, medical care and free travel to and from the ports where they are placed.

For more information about the voluntary service scheme contact Canon Bill Christianson at central office.

Ministry to Seafarers List

In January 1998 I established a new mailing list for anyone interested in the church's ministry to seafarers. This is intended for anyone working in or interested in the work of organizations such as The Mission to Seafarers.

To subscribe to the Ministry to Seafarers list send a message:


Within 48 hours you should then get a reply with details about the list and instructions on how to post.

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