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Curtiss P-40E Warhawk

Overview & Specification

The P-40 was the standard fighter used by the historical Flying Tigers. E-type was the latest type of P-40 which was used by the Flying Tigers.

Warhawk was just an average aircraft and it could not turn inside of any JAAF fighters (e.g. KI-27 Nate, KI-43 Oscar). However Warhawk had a fair dive performance and it was good for B&Z fighting.

The Flying Tigers and P-40 fought bravely well with JAAF at Burma and south of China.

Length33.3 ft.
Wingspan37.3 ft.
Weight Empty7,500 lbs
Weight Loaded8,100 lbs
Power PlantAlison V-1710-39
(1,300 hp)
Fire Power.50-caliber x 6
Top Speed360 mph
Range700 miles

By the way, I don't like this warbird so much. (^^;)