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Keri McGeehan worked for two years in Old Tafo for a government school teaching art and design. She was placed at the school thanks to her American Peace Corps Organization. Her classes had up to 70 students sitting two to a desk aged from 16 to 25 years old. Conditions were cramped and facilities poor but students were keen and Keri loved her placement. At Christmas in her first year, Keri's family made their first visit and took these photos of the school and its environment.

Keri's project was to create another purpose built building to house a school specifically for teaching art and design pottery and crafts. As well as successfully accomplishing this task she also set about building a new library for the school.

About the art school in Ghana
Construction has already begun to build the facility that will house three classrooms catering for 150 students. Traditional arts and crafts such as Batik, textiles, ceramics and basketry will be fostered alongside teaching design and general knowledge. The project has the full support of the school head and parents who are committed to its success and sustainability and also continuing assistance from the Peace Corp.
"I have come to understand the importance of education as a means to raise individual self actualization and potential standard of living, and the
needs for local grassroots initiatives that could effect such change"- Keri McGeehan