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This is Tokyo Union Church's home page.  
We invite you to come and worship with us!

NOW!Summer Worship Schedule: Single service at 10 am, no Sunday School

Donations for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
Opportunities to join the MOHN* Onigiri Making Teams!

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  • A Warm Welcome to our newcomers and visitors! We invite you to the coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall after the service, so we can greet you personally.

  • Please Help TUC Conserve Power: Due to circumstances related to the March 11 earthquake, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has requested that residents, businesses, and other organizations reduce their use of power throughout the summer months. Please help TUC do its part by limiting air conditioning and light usage whenever possible. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Next New Member's Orientation Class will be held on Sunday, Sep. 11 (1st session) at 12:30 pm in the 2F classroom. We invite anyone who is interested in joining TUC. To sign-up for the classes, please contact April Morito (Membership Elder).

  • Bible Study: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount - Think Pastor Barry and Pastor Matt give great sermons? (Yes, of course!) Well, come study and explore the greatest sermon. On Tuesday mornings Pastor Matt will lead a new study on the world-changing message contained in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. The first class is March 22, from 10-11:30 am in the 2F classroom. For more information, contact Pastor Matt.

  • Bible As A Whole Class: (52-week course, Tue. evenings from 7 pm - 2F classroom) will study Lesson 16 this week. ¥2,000 to cover partial cost of course book. A registration sheet is on 1F Lobby bulletin board.

  • Women's Bible Studies - Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate,by Jerry Bridges. Wednesday Morning Group is on break for summer. Thursday Evening Group is meeting on July 7th. We will begin a Beth Moore study in the fall! For details and inquiries, please contact tomomik1@yahoo.com

  • God Wants Us To Build One Another Up: A small group or cell group carries the idea of strengthening one another, to make one another more able to face the challenges of living for Christ. "We are in this fight together" (Philippians 1:30). To succeed, you need the strength supplied by the Body of Christ, just as they need you. Please contact lindalauhirata@gmail.com, if you are interested in leading or participating in small Bible study group.

  • The Prayer Chain is a group of people who are contacted by email, fax or phone to pray for the leaders & ministries of TUC and for any other prayer requests we receive during the week. Contact Mary Foster at tucprayer@yahoo.com.au with your prayer requests.

  • Do You Have Names and Addresses of Former TUC Members/Friends? TUC would like to re-establish contact with them as part of our new Alumni Ministry. Please send your contact information to tuc@gol.com, or to TUC.alumni@gmail.com, or give the names to the TUC Office, marking the names as “Alumni”.

  • Have a Question about TUC? If so, look for the Congregational Care Elder right after the service. He or she will be standing with the pastors in the narthex ready to help with information on various opportunities for you at TUC. Look for the person with the "Have a Question" nametag.

  • Other info online

  Who is TUC?

Tokyo Union Church was founded in 1872(!) and is an ecumenical and international congregation of English-speaking Christians located in Tokyo, Japan.  

The word "union" is used to indicate that the membership is composed of Christians from many churches and nationalities who are united through a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

The members of Tokyo Union Church bring the richness of their own Christian heritage and experience into our worship, study, fellowship and service.  Tokyo Union Church is independent and financially self-supporting; it is  a member of the National Christian Council of Japan. 

We invite you to come and worship with us!

 News at TUC...


SUNDAY MORNING GREETERS NEEDED. We are looking for people to volunteer. Please contact Yuko Isa on yukoisa@uahoo.com or Suzie Kim on suziekim530@yahoo.co.jp

A church usher is a person in a church who completes many tasks, such as seating people, serving communion, and collecting the offering.

The church usher has many duties which include:

- Greeting people entering the service, and at Tokyo Union church, entering the worship sanctuary
- Seating attendees, and assisting women with children, the elderly in particular to find seats attendees
- Collecting Tithes and Offerings
- Directing attendees during communion
- In the case of an emergency, reporting or contacting the people needed for the situation.
- Keeping order in the sanctuary and acting as first line of security
- Liaising with the clergy or church officers to maintain a peaceful worship atmosphere
- Of course there are more duties and for those of who you who have attended Tokyo Union Church, you have seen me usher on a number of occasions so you have an idea of the work that we do.

Please contact Sam Mchombo if you can help on sam.mchombo@jcom.hom.ne.jp or contact the church office.

from many cultures are needed for practicing "TUC global worship for a global God" (Sermon Podcast  9 Sep 07, on the TUC Podcast site). We are looking for those particularly from the non-Western world. Contact Hisashi Yukimoto at hisashiy2000@yahoo.co.jp or talk to him at the 1F reception counter on Sunday mornings.

TUC PODCASTS - have you ever missed Sunday worship and wanted to hear a recording of the sermon? Are you an ex-member of TUC, moved away but still want to keep in touch with the message from TUC? Is your first language not English and you missed the meaning of a part of the sermon or, do you simply want to replay the sermon and hear it again? Now you can with the addition of Podcasts to help you! Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files over the internet. You can subscribe to a Podcast and listen to it or watch it when you want on your iPod or home computer. You will automatically receive new episodes. The TUC Podcasts are limited to audio sermons at the moment.
Instructions for use: A) iPod users - please go to the TUC Podcast page and click on the "Subscribe" icon. It will add the TUC podcast to your Podcasts in iTunes. You can also click here to take you to the TUC Podcast. Alternatively, simply search for "Tokyo Union" when you are in iTunes Store and you will find it

B) Computer users. If you don't have an iPod, you can either listen to the Podcast from iTunes which you can download from www.itunes.com or jump directly to this link and play from your internet browser. Remember to follow the instructions in A) to add the TUC Podcast to your iTunes Podcast list

The weekly prayer group is held every Wednesday. Please join us in the 2nd floor classroom from 7:30--9:00pm (or for as long as you can stay). (Please enter TUC through the back door.) Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact Jean Wilson at (03) 3803-3417 or write jinko@gol.com

If you have time to give on Sundays or on weekdays, please contact the church office on 03-3400-0047 or email tuc@gol.com

FLOWERS: Would you like to donate flowers (3,000) for a specific Sunday? A sign-up sheet & flower envelopes are in the lobby. Please write your name, indicate the occasion and amount contributed. Flower arrangers are also needed

We're looking for more volunteers to help host coffee hour after our 11am service on Sundays. Please contact Suresh Kukde on 3752-6919 or 090-3345-1898

THE POWER OF PRAYER: Understand how the power of prayer can work in your life by attending the the Prayer Group which still meets every Wednesday at 7.30 pm (2nd floor classroom) and by joining the Prayer Chain. The latter is a group of people who are contacted by email, fax, or phone to pray for the leaders and ministeries of TUC and for any prayer requests they receive during the week. Contact Mary Foster at tucprayer@yahoo.com.au with your prayer requests. For the weekly Prayer Group, please contact Jean Wilson on jinko@gol.com

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this website and would like to send them directly to the webmaster, please feel free to do so. Any relevant content including digital photos would be greatly appreciated. For general information about the church, please email to tuc@gol.com

Due to the new Personal Information Protection Law law which came into effect on 1st April 2005, we have had to remove the link to the Koinonia archive since these publications generally contain specific information about people from our church. In addition we will also be removing the announcements section from the bulletins from the downloadable bulletins in the archive. If you would like to receive an on-line pdf version of the latest Koinonia, please send an email to tuc@gol.com and we will email the file to you on return.

These changes are being made to comply with the new legislation but also to protect information from "outsiders" of the church.


 Other Info Online


>> We want to hear from you.  Talk to us! :- )

Last updated  19 July 2009

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