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"All the glory and thanks to God who anoints and uses us as His precious servants! Thanks to all the brothers and sisters in Christ who dedicated their time and hearts for God’s Kingdom!"

The TUC Evangelism Ministry Team welcomes people into the fellowship of Christ and encourages them to become active, committed members of the church. Key activities include providing greeters and welcoming on Sunday morning and providing follow-up to visitors and newcomers. This ministry team is also charged with continually reminding the congregation of the Great Commission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and equipping the congregation with practical tools of discipleship. The TUC Alpha course is for evangelizing to not-yet-believers and new believer seekers. 

Since April, 2009, the Evangelism Ministry developed the following 5 programs:

1. Developed and reinforced the Evangelism Ministry sub-ministry teams, starting from TUC Rally Day September 2009.

The TUC Evangelism Ministry consists of 5 inter-related sub-ministries: Greeters Team, Welcome Team, Christian Discipleship Training and Equipping Ministry, Follow-Up Ministry, and TUC Alpha course.
Evangelism Ministry Org Chart


Greeter Team

Team Leader: Reika & Tomoko

Coordinate greeters


Welcome Team

Team Leader: Orie

Welcome people


Discipleship Training Team

Team Leader: Suzie

Train disciples


Alpha Team

Team Leader: Suresh

Coordinate Alpha course


Follow-up Team

Team Leader: Paul Chin

Provide follow-up classes

2. TUC Alpha Course - April - December 2009

a. Spring Term - Started with Introduction Dinner on March 28, classes April 3 - June 26, and Celebration Dinner on July 4.

b. Fall Term - Classes September 26 - December 11, and Celebration Dinner on December 19.

3. TUC Christmas Eve "Open House" - A Golden Evangelism Opportunity

The TUC Evangelism Ministry participated in TUC Christmas Eve "Open House". This was a golden evangelism opportunity to witness for Christ and spread the Gospel by inviting passersby to explore and learn about Jesus, to share what Christmas really is to believers and what the Christmas songs are really singing and praising about. The Evangelism Ministry also helped select brothers and sisters to share brief testimonies at Open House.

The Evangelism Ministry team designed and prepared 300 information sheets and packages to be handed out describing the Jesus-focused bible-based offerings of the TUC Evangelism Ministry such as bible study, prayer meeting, TUC Alpha course, at TUC (in English). Over a dozen TUC Evangelism Ministry team elves prepared and packaged the information and 300 accompanying small "sweets packages" (containing both physical and spiritual “sweets”) with Christmas greetings as an expression of our warm and loving Christian invitation.

Passersby partook of the spiritual and physical sweets that Christmas Eve. Witnessing seeds were planted that blessed evening. The Lord will do the saving.

4. Updated the TUC Welcome Card

The TUC Welcome Card was updated to bring it up to date, in coordination with Pastors, Membership Ministry Elder April Morito, and Communication Ministry team.

5. Developed New Plans and Schedule for the 2010 Evangelism Ministry

a.New Discipleship Training School (DTS) - Developed this specifically tailored introduction to the Biblical principles and practice of discipling to share the Gospel and impact the world with the Good News. This aligns with TUC church leadership development, which is part of the TUC Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) mandate. This is a 6 week course, set for 6 consecutive Saturday evenings starting at 5:00pm. The 1st term of DTS started Feb. 26th, and successfully completed on April 10th. The 2nd term will start in May. Upon successful completion of DTS, Certificates of Discipleship Training and Equipping for Leadership and Teaching will be awarded at Sunday Worship Service, where each recipient will be given an opportunity to provide a brief testimony.

b. New Bible As A Whole: Part [ 1 & 2 ] - Developed to introduce the essential knowledge of the Bible as a whole. This differs from other Bible studies, in that it teaches how the Bible is used as a tool to evangelize to others. This is a 52 week course, set for consecutive Tuesday evenings starting at 7:00pm. The course started Feb. 23rd.

c. New What is Quiet Time?: Part [1 & 2 ] - Focuses on practical methods of how to have devotional time with the Lord.

d. New Evangelism Practicum - Introduces how to use the 4 Spiritual Laws to evangelize to people.

e. New Movie Night - New Bible-based Jesus-focused Movie Night kicked off on January 30th, followed by small group discussions, sharings with the entire group, and praise music.

f. Basic Bible Class - Basic Bible class for beginners, bilingual.

g. Newcomers’ Night- Quarterly welcome for newcomers and new arrivals.

Matthew 15:14 teaches: “If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (NIV)

Areas needing volunteers include greeters, telephone follow-up, Welcome Card coordination, and ALPHA course coordinators.

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