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The Property & Use Ministry Team evaluates and maintains all TUC property, including computer hardware and software and necessary insurance programs, and coordinates this effort with other Ministry Teams. To carry out these responsibilities, the Team oversees the work of outside contractors; coordinates all outside property support/maintenance contracts; negotiates the purchase, lease, sale, and/or disposal of TUC property; and consults with the TUC Shukyo Hojin to insure compliance with Japanese laws. In addition, the Team prepares a budget for utilities, maintenance and improvement expenses for all church properties and maintains the policy for use of TUC facilities by outside groups. Compliance with Japanese safety regulations; standards for physical security; TUC safety policies and procedures, implementation of earthquake preparedness; safety drills; building cleanliness and inspections; and maintenance of adequate emergency supplies are also responsibilities of the Team.

Team positions available are Safety and Emergency Preparedness Manager, Property Maintenance Coordinator, Computer System & Software Advisor, Audiovisual Advisor, and Liaison to TUC Shukyo Hojin.

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