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This page updated June, 2001



June 25 Galatians 1, June 26 Galatians 2, June 27 Galatians 3, June 28 Galatians 4, June 29 Galatians 5, June 30 Galatians 6, July 1 Ephesians 1


Special Congregational meeting on July 1st, 2001: There will be a Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, July 1, following the worship service.  The purpose of this meeting is to elect two members to the Pastor Search Committee to replace two members who are leaving. Lindsay Cain has been nominated as the Youth representative, and Elizabeth Suzuki has been nominated as Alternate.  The Council approved the nominations at the June 10 Council meeting, to be brought to a Congregational vote. 
TUC is looking for a new Pastor ! Interested? Please click here for a job description and a profile of the TUC congregation.

NEXT EVENING PRAISE SERVICE:  Sunday, July 1, at 4:00 pm.  Speaker:  Jean Wilson.  All are welcome!

SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE (June 17th-August 19th): One Sunday morning worship service at 10:00 am.  The 8:30 & 11:00 am worship service schedule will resume August 26.

WOMEN'S SOCIETY is hosting their first of four Summer Coffee Program on Thursday,  June 28 at 10:00 am (by Atsuko Ikuyama, Japanese Kimono).  The reservations required for childcare only.  Please call at 3400-0942, 10:00 am- 2:00 pm, M-F.  Coffee begins at 10:00 am.

DON'T FORGET THE MEN'S MINISTRY BREAKFAST (8:30-10:00am) scheduled on Saturday, July 14 at Andersen's Restaurant near the church.  Please RSVP by Monday, July 9 for the breakfast.  RSVP: Brock McMunn, Tel/Fax: 03-3582-7463; Bill Slavin; or contact the Church Office.

COFFEE HOUR:  Please show your appreciation of the coffee hour by volunteering to help host.  Hosting requires bringing cookies or other goodies, preparing the coffee, placing the food on tables and cleaning up.  All needed instructions for coffee hour preparation can be found in the kitchen.  Coffee Hour is also in need of a coordinator to help recruit volunteers.  Please contact Wendy Berry or the church office, if you would like more information or to volunteer. 

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!  TAKE A BREAK from the summer heat and join our Polar Expedition at VBS!!  Would you like to serve the Lord while having fun with children?  Join our expedition team as VBS leaders or helpers August 13-17 (1-4 pm).  We have positions available that will fit your gift set and level of experience.  If you are interested, or would like additional info, please call Judy Dorsett at 3499-1399, or e-mail at majudors@mb.rosenet.ne.jp.

THE ASSIMILATION TEAM wants new Members and Friends to feel welcome in the fellowship of Christ at TUC and to encourage them to become active, committed participants in the church.  In order to nurture these new Members and Friends, the Assimilation Team is looking for people who are interested in providing guidance and support which would mean kindly introducing the new Members and Friends to activities and committees that may interest them and just supporting them in general.  This is an important, growing ministry in the church, and we would appreciate your participation.  If you would like to join this ministry, please email Angela Im, Assimilation Elder or phone 3352-4992.  

ALTHOUGH Sunday School is finished for this year, WORSHIP CHILDCARE AND THE SUNDAY NURSERY both continue throughout the summer.  Please share your love of our Lord with His youngest loved ones and volunteer to help once each month in either class.  Contact Susan Prout (03 3400 4251) for Worship Childcare and Rikke Christensen for the Sunday Nursery. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT ORPHANAGE: An orphanage in the Hiroo area has recently had a large influx of preschool aged children. They are looking for volunteers to play with these children on weekdays 10-12 am, to give the children more individualized attention. No Japanese language ability is necessary. Please contact Jackie Militello militell@tkc.att.ne.jp, or 3462-4069, if you would like to volunteer.

JOB Opportunity (Receptionist/Secretary) at TUC: We are looking for someone who: - Is a bi-lingual Christian, - Meets people well, - Has computer skills. Part-time 20-25 hours/week. Send resume to the church office. E-mail: tuc@gol.com. For more job opportunities at TUC, click here.

The TUC RICE PROJECT needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to help make the rice cakes on the 3rd and 4th Sundays of each month after the 11:00 service. No experience is necessary! Please help us to help the homeless by volunteering an hour or so of your time once or twice a month. For information call contact Chris Himebrook at 3457-7797, the Women's Society Desk at 3400-0942 or the Church office at 3400-0047. Or go to the "TUC Rice Project Page" to find out about other ways to help!


Wanted:  Two persons needed to work in the preschool starting Aug. 2001. One teacher, one assistant teacher for 4 year old class. Further details available from Pat Haines, director, at 3400-1579, or Email: tucpk@twics.com

~~~~~~ JOBS AT TUC~~~~~~~~

Learn more about the new PASTOR position and other jobs at TUC  by clicking HERE for job descriptions. 


All Raisin' Grapes Families extend a welcome to elementary aged friends and their siblings (3-5 yrs. old) to join us for Friday evening fun between 5 and 7 pm. We sing, create, play, study, and eat a wholesome meal, and we make lifelong memories at TUC. Contact Akiko Yoshizawa, director, Tel/Fax: 03-3797-5989 or Lyn Sato, co-director, Tel: 03-3370-6762. 

Follow our links to some relevant websites on Justice, Peace and Creation: They include resources on these issues provided by World Council of Churches (WCC), Jubilee 2000, Christian Aid, Church World Service, and Global Environment Information Center (GEIC). Check out the links on this website or email Hisashi Yukimoto for more details.

THE SUNDAY NURSERY: A reminder that the nursery is open from the start of the 8:30 am service to the end of the 11:00 am service. All children aged 3 and younger are welcome. No reservations are required on Sundays. 

WEEKLY PRAYER GROUP: Thursdays, at 7:30 pm in the 2F Classroom. This is a group for people who would like to meet to pray together for individual prayer requests, for TUC, and world concerns. Everyone is welcome - come and join us whenever you can! Occasional attendees and latecomers also welcome! For more information, please contact Jean Wilson at 3803-3417.


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A caring, English-speaking Christian congregation of music and  prayer



Independent and financially self-supporting

Membership is composed of an International congregation of Christians from many different churches. All who attend TUC are made to feel welcome

Tokyo Union Church is a member-church of the Tokyo Ecumenical Council and the National Christian Council of Japan.

Founded in 1872

Pastor Barry Dawson and wife, Shelley

Tokyo Union Church
7-7 Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO 150-0001

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Tel: (03) 3400 0047 (for International callers, dial +81 3 3400 1579)
Fax: (03) 3400 1942
Preschool Office Tel: (03) 3400 1579
Emergency Tel: (03) 3400 0767


Our thanks go to GOLlogo.gif (1741 bytes)Global OnLine Japan K.K., the no.1 Internet Service Provider in Japan for this webspace and e-mail services. If you wish to  enquire about Internet services, GOL can provide you with a fast and high quality service. Bi-lingual technical support is provided.

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The word "union" is used to indicate that the membership is composed of Christians from many churches and nationalities who are united through a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

TUC's choir singing Faure's Requiem on June 13th, 1999. Click on the image to view full size picture.


TUC office e-mail:

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Pastor Barry Dawson's e-mail: pastor@gol.com

Associate Pastor, Mandy Stanley's e-mail: astpastr@gol.com

Preschool e-mail:

If you wish to post anything on this web-site, please contact the TUC Webmaster or telephone the church office









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