Currently, the following positions are open:

1. Pastor (Head of Staff)

2. Director of Assimilation

3. Full Time Assistant Teacher TUC Preschool

4. Financial and Accounting Manager


1. Pastor (Head of Staff) 



  1. Collaboratively planning and leading the worship services of the Church, including preaching the gospel (approximately three times per month) and administering the Sacraments;

  3. Attending to the spiritual welfare of the congregation, including praying with and for the people, providing pastoral care and counseling for the members and friends of the congregation, and conducting weddings and funerals;

  5. Supporting the Elders, ministry teams, and all people in their own ministry by encouraging, equipping, and enabling them to use their spiritual gifts within the Church and the world;

  7. Acting as Moderator of Council, and guiding and encouraging Council in establishing plans, setting policies, and developing programs to fulfill the mission of TUC;

  9. Serving as Head of Staff by directing the day-to-day operations of the Church, its office, and its employees, and by seeing to the prompt an efficient implementation of the decisions and policies of Council;

  11. Working in a mutually supportive relationship with any Associate Pastor who is called by TUC and providing supervision and direction to any Associate Pastor to ensure that the pastoral resources of TUC are used wisely and effectively;

  13. Providing leadership in evangelism and spiritual formation to assist persons in making a personal affirmation or reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ;

  15. Serving as the Convener of the Administration Ministry Team, and as an ex officio member of the Preschool Board, the Nominating Ministry Team, the Personnel Ministry Team, and the Shukyo Hojin/Tokyo Union Church Foundation.

  17. Contributing periodically to the teaching ministry of the church by leading classes for adult education, confirmation, elder training, new member orientation, communion education for children, and baptism preparation classes for adults and parents desiring to present children for the sacrament.

  19. Acting with Council to initiate and maintain ecumenical relationships with other church bodies.





  1. Graduate of an accredited theological seminary with a minimum degree of Master of Divinity or its equivalent.

  3. Ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in a denomination that is a member of or eligible to be a member of the World Council of Churches.

  5. Minimum of ten (10) years experience as an ordained pastor in a validated Christian ministry.

  7. Eligible to be granted a visa to work in Japan.




  1. Excellent oral and written communication skills

  3. Proven administrative ability as a Head of Staff

  5. Advanced training or demonstrated proficiency in pastoral counseling

  7. Pastoral leadership experience in an international congregation or other cross-cultural ministry



The function of the Profile is to give a description of the congregation seeking pastoral candidates. It is to outline the ministry and facilities of the church and its community, along with indicating the compensation package for the position. It is to give congregations and prospective candidates a basis for discussing a mutually fruitful ministry.

Date: December 15, 2000

1. Church: 

Tokyo Union Church, Tokyo, Japan

2. Address:

Church Address:

7-7 Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan

Telephone: 81-3-3400-0047

FAX: 81-3-3400-1942





Pastor Search Committee Address:

Pastor Search Committee 

c/o Ryo Takagi

Tokyo Union Church

7-7 Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo, 150-0001 JAPAN

FAX: 813-3400-1942




3. Application deadline: March 1, 2001

(Early applications by FAX or EMAIL are encouraged)

4. Church Membership: Today: 350 3 years ago: 350

Participating non-members: Today: 150 3 years ago: 100

5. Membership Make-up:

TUC is made up of many denominations and nationalities. It includes international businesspersons, diplomats, teachers, Japanese nationals, and cross-cultural families. Our membership is currently 45% North American and 25% Japanese, the remaining 30% come from Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Asia.

6. Worship Times:

8:30AM & 11:00AM (early September ĀEearly June)

10:00AM (early June to early September)

4:00 PM (Evening Praise Service on 1st Sunday each month)

Sunday School 9:45AM (early September ĀEearly June)

Adult Education 9:45AM (early September ĀEearly June)

7. Average Attendance: 


Sunday morning 400

Evening Praise 50

3 years ago:    

Sunday morning 400 

8. Church School attendance: 

Today: 175

3 years ago: 150

(includes attendance at RaisinĀEGrapes (childrenís program based on Logos) and Preschool)

9. Approximate number of English-speaking people in the community:

100,000 with English as first language

10. Other English-language congregations in the community:

Franciscan Chapel Center (Roman Catholic)

Jewish Community Center

St. Albanís Church (Anglican Episcopal)

Meguro Catholic Church

St. Paulís International Lutheran Church

Tokyo Baptist Church

West Tokyo Union Church

11. Budget information (expressed in US dollars)

Operating budget: $775,000 (2000)

Benevolence budget: About $150,000 (10% of operating budget + special offerings each year (amount varies) + offerings given by Womenís Society (approximately $32,000)

12. List Church Staff: (f/t=full time, p/t=part time, all are paid)

Senior Pastor f/t

Associate Pastor f/t

Office Manager f/t

Financial and Accounting Manager f/t

Facilities Manager f/t

Secretary/Receptionist p/t

Sanctuary Choir Director p/t

Organist p/t

2 Cleaning personnel p/t

Preschool Director f/t

Preschool teachers (one f/t & 2 p/t)

Preschool assistant teacher (one f/t & 2 p/t)

Nursery/Childcare Caregivers (2 p/t)

Sexton p/t

Youth Ministry Director p/t

13. Describe briefly the ministry with Children:

Children have a full range of Church School classes (workshop rotation model) at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings. There is worship childcare for children ages 2-6 during the morning services. The "RaisinĀEGrapes" program, held on Fridays for ages 3 through 12, attracts 25-30 children. The RaisinĀEGrapes program includes Bible stories, music, crafts/recreation, and sharing dinner fellowship. The Annual Musical Production and regular worship participation are the highlights of the program. TUC Preschool/Kindergarten provides early childhood learning for 50 students each week. Additional opportunities for family fellowship as well as retreats and other programs are provided through the church.

14. Describe briefly the ministry with Youth:

Middle School (grades 6-8, 10-15 active members): Sunday School classes are held weekly. Confirmation training is conducted by the Pastors for interested middle and senior high school students. This usually leads to membership at TUC. Senior High (grades 9-12, 10-15 active members): Sunday School classes and periodic social activities. Youth Group meetings are held on the second and fourth Sunday from 12:30-3:00. There is a time of fellowship with a meal, games, music, and Bible study. There are two annual retreats, one in the fall and another in the spring, usually proceeding Youth Sunday. A puppet ministry gives middle and high school youth a chance to share the good news with younger children.

15. Describe briefly the ministry with Adults:

Approximately five 10-week Christian education classes are offered at 9:45AM on Sunday mornings on a trimester system. Of the five or so classes, there are currently two Bible studies offered in Japanese; the remaining classes are in English. Weekly prayer group, prayer chain, prayer and healing ministry, counseling and pastoral care. Alpha course is offered. Lenten small group meetings are offered.

Young Adults Group: Weekly Bible study in addition to outreach and opportunities for fellowship several times a month, and occasional retreats.

The Spiritual Life Ministry Team promotes growth in Christian living through scriptural based articles, three prayer groups, two devotionals (Advent, Lent), and the Spiritual Life web page.

16. a) Describe briefly the ministry with Women:

Womenís Society of Tokyo Union Church (approximately 500+ members, including many nonmembers of TUC) is a major outreach/community program dedicated to providing spiritual enrichment and personal growth to its membership. Tuesday morning Bible study, a wide variety of cultural and Christian education classes, a prayer chain, the encouragement of participation in Christian service, raising funds for Christian benevolence, retreats, Tokyoís only English World Day of Prayer service, newcomer coffees and monthly community programs are important components of this ministry.

16. b) Describe briefly the ministry with Men:

Menís Ministry features monthly breakfast Bible studies and weekend retreats.

17. Identify any "Special Groups" (business, military or diplomatic personnel, students; etc.) and describe the ministry with them.

There are two Bible studies in Japanese and a baptismal preparation class in English. (See other sections for ministry with other groups.)

18. Is the congregation related to a Local Church Body in the host country:


Briefly describe the relationship and any joint programs/projects: 

TUC is a member of the National Christian Council of Japan (NCCJ). We have cooperative relations with the United Church of Christ in Japan (Kyodan). Several English-speaking congregations in Tokyo belong to the Tokyo Ecumenical Council (TEC). Pastors of the TEC member churches meet monthly for breakfast for ecumenical support and exchange of ideas and holds an annual Pulpit Exchange among the ministers. TUC usually hosts the TECís World Day of Prayer celebration.

19. During the past year in what cooperative church or community Programs/Projects has the congregation participated as an organization (not individuals). Describe.

From October through May, members and friends of TUC and its Womenís Society (c. 100 volunteers) make and deliver "rice balls" daily to approximately 167 homeless people sleeping in a local train station and residing in a nearby park. Used clothes, warm underwear, airline packs and other donated items are also distributed, but less frequently. We participate in an annual exchange with the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) by visiting them during their harvest festival and hosting their overnight visit with TUC each autumn. (ARI is an agricultural training center for leaders of small communities in primarily developing countries.) Annually a group of TUC members and pastors visit project sites in the Philippines to learn from TUC-sponsored projects (for example: the Philippine Self-help Foundation, Precious Jewels, etc.) and provide encouragement and assistance to them.


20. Describe Outreach Activities within the community, host country and outside the country.

The aforementioned Rice Project for the homeless, ARI Exchange Program and Philippines visits are outreach activities. In addition, we donate to 35 mission projects, both domestic and international. Outreach Ministry Team members and other TUC members visit the projects we support as often as practicable. Members are involved on the Board and as telephone counselors at Tokyo English Lifeline. This year's major outreach recipients among those projects: 1. Asian Rural Institute, 2. MACDARC menís alcohol & drug abuse rehabilitation, 3. Tokyo English Life Line.


21. Identify and describe any Special Ministries or programs not listed above.

At least three special offerings are received each year, and the money is donated to mission projects in Japan and around the globe. In 2000, those Special Offerings have been (and will be) donated to (1) Supplemental retirement fund for Korean and Japanese pastors in Japan (2) AIDS prevention program in Cote d'Ivoire, (3) Relief Projects in Cambodia, (4) WayerPartner, (5) FoodBank, Japan, and other missions and agencies.

22. List the methods for maintaining and/or increasing church membership during the past year?

    1. Sunday morning greeters
    2. Information meetings
    3. Follow-up phone calls to visitors
    4. Fliers in hotels
    5. Internet Web site
    6. Word of mouth
    7. Former members
    8. Participation in "Tokyo Here and Now," a biannual orientation session.
    9. Notices in all major English-language newspapers and various magazines.

23. Has the congregation a purpose or "Mission Statement"? Provide it. Is it a consensus statement, developed by church members through a planning process and corporately approved?

The following is our Mission Statement as approved by the congregation:

"The people who are Tokyo Union Church have been called by God to bear witness to Godís saving love in Jesus Christ our Lord. In faithful obedience:

- We worship the one, true living God;

- We preach Christ crucified, the power of God unto salvation;

- And by the power of the Holy Spirit we participate in and are supported by the Churchís fellowship of love and         prayer.

In celebration of one Lord, one faith, and one baptism, we are an international ecumenical, and English-speaking congregation. We welcome into membership baptized Christians who profess Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of sinners and who depend upon Him for salvation as He is offered in the Gospel.

We teach the spiritual truths contained in the Bible; we confess the Nicene and the ApostlesĀECreeds; we engage in evangelism and mission to the world in the name of Christ; and we work in cooperation with other churches to further His kingdom.

Our fellowship and mission owe all that they are to Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. In the shadow of the cross, we confess our manifold need of His love and mercy. In the light of His resurrection, we dedicate all that we are to the glory of His name. Let the people sing to the Lamb: Alleluia!"

24. What special Opportunities does the congregation face in the next five years?

Building upon our 128 years of Christian ministry in the Tokyo area we strive to welcome expatriate sojourners and Japanese nationals into our family of faith. Witnessing to our faith in Christ in word and deed in a country where only 1% of the population professes Christianity is a unique challenge. Expanding hands-on mission projects and outreach to our local community is a top priority. Sustaining the vibrancy of our interdenominational, multicultural congregation is a challenge and a blessing. We continue to incur high annual turnover in our congregation (approximately 40% each year) reflecting the transient nature of our Tokyo expatriate population. New members provide vitality and fresh ideas. In turn, we are sustained by the stability and steadfastness of our permanent and long-term resident members and friends who maintain a ready place and open environment to welcome and assimilate new members with ease and joy.

25. What special Problems does the church face in the next five years?

As an interdenominational, multicultural church with a high turnover rate, TUC experiences discontinuity of leadership. This is mitigated by a fairly stable, long- term resident population of members and friends. It is also an ongoing challenge to energize the stewardship participation of our membersĀE time, talent, and treasure to support our vision of ministry at TUC.

26. What Objectives and hopes has the congregation envisioned to meet these opportunities and problems?

Our vision for future ministry includes increased emphasis in the following areas:

27. Are the members prepared to consider changes in purpose and program to achieve these objectives?

Yes, with time and education, as evidenced in the willingness of the Council to make structural changes that are responsive to emerging needs.

28. Identify and describe church building facilities used:

The church is a recently refurbished, four-story, reinforced-concrete building that includes a 300-seat sanctuary, a large kitchen, a fellowship hall, a library, offices, and six classrooms. About 2 hours north of Tokyo is a retreat house that can accommodate about 10 people overnight. The Church owns a manse for the Pastor and family to live in.

29. Is there a Pastorís "Study"? Where is it?

Yes, adjacent to the church office.

30. Which of the following Pastoral Activities do you consider to be most important as you look to the future? Please choose at least eight and number in order of preference.

  1. (2) Administration
  2. Pastoral calling
  3. (6) Education for children/youth
  4. (4) Education for adults
  5. Relating the Faith to ethical issues in business/diplomacy/employment/home etc.
  6. Community projects
  7. (1) Conducting worship and preaching
  8. Small groups
  9. Cross-cultural relations with Christians and nationals of host country
  10. (3) Pastoral counseling and care
  11. Orientation and cultural studies of host country
  12. (8) Committee work
  13. (5) Personal evangelism
  14. Relating faith to living abroad
  15. (7) Enlistment of new members
  16. Other.

31. How many Work Hours in a typical week is the Pastor expected to spend on top priorities? (Please indicate with an X for each of the choices above, including time for preparation.)

Hours 1-5 6-10  11-15 16-20 over 20
1st choice - Conducting worship and preaching X
2nd choice - Administration X
3rd choice - Pastoral counseling and care X
4th choice - Education for adults X
5th choice - Personal evangelism X
6th choice - Education for children/youth X
7th choice - Enlistment of new members X
8th choice - Committee work


All other duties


32. Special Experience or training desired: (Please describe and include cultural adjustment if this is of more than usual significance.)

The applicant must be an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament. It is very important that the person seeking this position have an openness to multicultural experience, diverse theological perspectives, and a willingness to learn about Japan.

33. To be more effective, what Language would be desired other than English?


Would it be essential or helpful? Helpful..

34. Will the call or contract term with a pastor be for: (check one)

  1. An undefined period
  2. A period of __ years
  3. A period of years, renewable for years

The answer is b. A period of 4 years.

Explain, if additional information will be helpful.

Are contracts negotiable at the end of each contract period?

Yes, for successive 1 year periods.

35. The starting salary range, based upon the experience of the pastor, will be negotiated with the candidates.

36. Will the pastor have to pay income tax in the country of residence abroad?

Yes. What will the rate of tax be? Equivalent to home country.

37. How will the pastorís salary compare to average salaries earned by church council members?

Council members, many on expatriate packages, probably earn more than the Pastor does. We strive to make compensation similar to the home country. Some Council members and many of the congregation do not have expatriate benefits.

38. Available budget for covering costs of education for children in grades 1 through 12:


39. Benefits provided:

These are all negotiable.

  1. X Pension
  2. X Health/hospitalization
  3. X Major medical
  4. X Disability insurance
  5. X Social Security
  6. Housing allowance
  7. X Utilities
  8. X Travel allowance
  9. X Travel to Pastor/Spouse Conference
  10. X Continuing education
  11. X Book allowance
  12. X Biannual vacation allowance for travel home for family
  13. X Moving expenses to the field, or shipping weight allowance
  14. X Moving allowance from field
  15. Terminal pay*

*Returning home clergy often cannot be considered for a home call unless they are available for a personal interview. It is considered reasonable that at least three months salary be provided to assist in relocation.

40. Housing information:

Housing for Pastor and family will be provided.


2. Director of Assimilation 

Background and Purpose: 

Due to the fact that Tokyo Union Church (TUC) is a highly diverse, international congregation that experiences significant levels of membership turnover throughout each year, it is imperative that our vision for ministry includes the welcoming of visitors and the assimilation of new members and friends through an intentional, systematic approach that will embody Christian hospitality, foster feelings of belonging in new arrivals, and enable the Membership and Evangelism Ministry Team to maximize contact and communicate authentic care in the name of Jesus Christ to persons who are new to our church or community. The position of Director of Assimilation is designed to facilitate and expand the current process of welcoming and integrating visitors into the circle of Christian community that includes the members and friends of Tokyo Union Church.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships:

The Director of Assimilation shall:

  1. Be regularly accessible on Sundays at TUC, joyfully initiating conversations and sharing information about the life and ministries of TUC with visitors, as well as with persons who may be only marginally integrated into congregational life;
  2. Provide follow-up contact each week with new visitors to TUC through telephone calls, visitations, appointments, or other means of personal communication that will convey the warmth and welcome of TUC;
  3. Meet weekly with the Pastor (or in the absence of the Pastor, the Associate Pastor) to share relevant information, coordinate plans, and pray for the ministry of assimilation;
  4. Be the primary staff resource person to the Elder for Membership and Evangelism in matters related to the ministry of assimilation, and shall communicate regularly with the Elder;
  5. Have responsibility for ensuring that all publicity and personal invitations regarding New Member Orientation classes are communicated to prospective members in a timely manner;
  6. Work cooperatively with the Membership and Evangelism Elder and Ministry Team to develop and implement proactive measures to ensure the successful assimilation of new members within the first three months of their membership at TUC;
  7. Attend weekly staff meetings and work with the church staff to coordinate the activities of the assimilation ministry with the overall ministry program of TUC.


The Director of Assimilation shall be accountable to:

  1. The Elder for Membership and Evangelism in matters of the assimilation ministry program;
  2. The Personnel Ministry Team in all matters related to professional conduct and contractual obligations as a member of TUC church staff;
  3. The Pastor as the immediate supervisor (or in the absence of the Pastor, the Associate Pastor) and as Head of Staff.

Expectations for Work Hours:

The Director of Assimilation position is designed as a 10 hour per week position. In a ministry environment as dynamic and fluid as Tokyo, it is understood that the Director may need to work more or less than 10 hours each week to be responsive to the needs of people and faithfully fulfill the roles and responsibilities of this position. Office space at TUC may be available for the Director. However, there are no requirements or expectations for the Director to have regular office hours.

Other Expectations:

As an ambassador for Jesus Christ and an advocate for the joyful fellowship of Christís Church, it is expected that the Director will actively and regularly participate in the worship and ministry of Tokyo Union Church.

3. Full Time Assistant Teacher 

Full Time Assistant Teacher required, from Mid June, Age range 4-5+ yrs. Previous preschool experience an advantage, or experience in Sunday School etc. Hours and Salary on request from Pat Haines, Director TUC Preschool at 3400-1579 or email

4. Financial and Accounting Manager


He/she can independently handle a broad area of financial and accounting matters of the Church in consultation with and under the guidance of the Treasurer.


- Knowledge of general accounting and financial rules, regulations and procedures

- Ability to operate basic office equipment

- Knowledge and ability to work on common computer operating system, accounting


- Willingness to develop knowledge and skills to keep up with the needs of the Church

- Ability to initiate and maintain dialogue and correspondence in Japanese and English

on all financial matters


To take care of at least the following activities:

- Accounting - General ledger, Yen & Dollar accounts, Payables, Payroll, Financial

Statement, etc.

- Financial & banking- Savings account, Checking Account, Assisting management of


- Assist the Treasurer/Finance Team in financial planning, budgeting and control

current assets


  If you are interested in any of these positions, please write to:

Tokyo Union Church (TUC)

7-7 Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan

Telephone: 81-3-3400-0047

FAX: 81-3-3400-1942

 or send an email to We are looking forward to hearing from you!