The People


Most visitors will tell you that the best thing about Armenia is the people. I would certainly agree.



Shop Keepers

These two young ladies were both surprised and flattered when I asked to take their picture.



The Street Scene in Yerevan

Dress in the capital looks much like in any other European city.



In the Market Place

A leather jacket seems to be the dress code for Armenian men.



A Big Smile

The little kids will always smile for the camera.




These two junior-high school girls ask for my autograph. I was flattered, and asked to take

their picture in return.



Happy Face

Even the adults give a big smile.



The Pharmacist

This young lady behind the counter in a drugstore turned pink when I asked to take her picture.

She finally relented and I was very happy with the result.


Mix and Match

These two young girls in the main city square in Yerevan are wearing the unusual combination

of traditional Armenian dress and denim jackets. It made for a great picture.