The Trip


We rented a car and driver, and spent four days touring the countryside.



The Guesthouse

We spent one night in a guesthouse. The hospitality and food were fantastic.



The Host

The host even played his accordion for his guests.




The impetus for our journey to Armenia was to visit our friends Pat and Tony Cantor, who are

stationed in Yerevan. They are shown here in front of a Hellenic temple outside the capital.



The School

Elementary school was just letting out when we passed by. The kids were delighted to pose

for the camera.



Armenian Hospitality

Armenian hospitality is legend. This woman invited us into her house for tea.



Internet Game Center

The Internet game center was emptied out when the kids found out that a foreigner was outside

taking pictures. They gave me their address and asked to have the pictures sent to them.



Armenian Carpets

The country is famous for its carpets. I couldn't get Mieko out of Armenia without buying one.




Since the most direct route from Tokyo to Armenia is through Moscow, we took Aeroflot and

spent a few days in Russia on the way. It was impressive.