Baby Monkeys


Babies are born in the spring. This little guy wasted no time stepping out.




This little one is only a few hours old.



Staying Close to Home

The babies usually don't venture more than a meter or two from their mothers for the

first few weeks.



My Mom Is Best

The little ones are well cared for.




This little boy is tasting a flower stem. It is not clear how he intends to eat it as he has

no teeth.




Even at two or three weeks of age the babies search out playmates.



Dinner Time

But they always return home for meals.



Olympic Hopeful

This little one is apparently doing gymnastics practice in the hope that one day his

species will be invited to compete in the Olympics.




The opposable thumb on both the hands and feet is the envy of human gymnasts.




A full-service mom provides comfort, protection, food and transportation.



View from the Top

As soon as they are born, the babies have a grip strong enough to hold firmly on

mother's back.



Monkey See, Monkey Do

Only a few weeks old, this little girl is engaging in very monkey-like behavior.




The little ones are all feet.




Even monkeys fall from trees.



Young Love

Stop that!